AUC is Egypt’s Global University with a diversity of nationalities employed from Egypt and various countries. At AUC, we believe that in our business, people are the keys to change.

We are pleased to share our progress by inviting you to join our onboarding program that will open the door for you to learn more about your future with the AUC community.

The onboarding program will begin from the moment you are offered a job to work with us and will continue along the way. The Office of Human Resources is your strategic partner to help you seamlessly enter your new role, and will also be on your side in your growth and development journey.



Security Office – 20.2.2615.4444
Medical Services – AUC New Cairo – 20.2.2615.4000
Medical Services – AUC Tahrir Square – 20.2.2615.5000
Dr. Mohamed Amin – 012.210.05947
Facilities and Operations  – 20.2.2615.2222
Environmental Health and Safety – 20.2.2615.4170
ID Activation – 20.2.2615.4114
IT Help Desk – 20.2.2615.1200
AUC Switch Board –19282

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About Our Onboarding Buddy

It's both an exciting and stressful time to bring a new employee onboard. And while managers play a critical role in shaping the first weeks and months of a new employee, greater team effort will ensure both positive and productive experience. Onboarding buddies play an important role in ensuring a successful onboarding experience. The onboarding buddy partners with a new employee during his/her first month of employment, welcomes new employees and provides them with a reliable, motivated, single point-of-contact for their basic questions regarding their work experience. The onboarding buddy is primarily responsible for offering advice and guidance regarding the day-to-day aspects of working at the AUC.

AUC Campuses


AUC New Cairo Campus

The history of the Palace Building at AUC's Tahrir Square campus dates back to the 1870s. Photo courtesy of the  AUC University Archives

AUC Tahrir Square

New York Office

Cairo Nile

Living in Cairo

In this section, we mention some things that you might want to consider bringing from home.

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Gates and Buildings

AUC New Cairo Campus Gates

Gate 1: Visitors Gate
Gate 2: All AUC Members
Gate 3: Service Vehicles and Buses
Gate 4: All AUC Members
Gate 5: All AUC Members

AUC Tahrir Square Buildings

Main Campus
Falaki Academic Center
Greek Campus


Named Spaces

Check out the named spaces at AUC New Cairo.

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AUC Portal

Buildings and Halls

Check out AUC New Cairo buildings, halls and open spaces.

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AUC Interactive Map


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Services and Facilities

AUC provides a range of vital services and facilities for its community at the New Cairo Campus as listed below:

Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources at The American University in Cairo hires and maintains highly skilled and competent personnel who are able to contribute to the University's mission, vision and values. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for developing policies and programs that are supportive to the needs of its diverse personnel and enhance a sound environment where integrity, teamwork, service, productivity and innovation prevail.

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