As the region’s premier English-speaking University, we seek out the best staff and faculty who are as committed as we are to education, research, service. To support our employees, we provide unparalleled benefits and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Benefit Plans

Social Insurance

Social insurance is obligatory for Egyptian and American nationals and permanent residents of the United States. Deductions are computed according to scales of earnings and eligibility of employees, as stipulated by the relevant laws, and withheld from gross pay by the University.

MetLife Medical Plan

All full-time employees are eligible to join the MetLife medical plan. Participation is compulsory for all local hire members unless enrolled in another plan providing medical services of similar nature and quality as those provided through the AUC plan.

Cigna Health Insurance Plan

Cigna is a global health services company dedicated to improving health and well-being; in addition, it specializes in tailor-made health insurance plans to suit the needs of international institutions. Enrolment of relocated faculty, administrators and management is compulsory as of day one of appointment unless proof of equivalent health insurance coverage is already in effect  at the time of appointment. For local hire faculty and management enrolment in Cigna health insurance is optional, alternatively member can join MetLife the local health insurance plan or provide proof of equivalent coverage in effect at the time of appointment to substitute both plans.

Group Life Insurance Plan

The University maintains a group life insurance plan through Cigna Europe, an international organization. All full-time employees are automatically covered under the plan up to the age of 70.

Staff Supplemental Pension Plan (SSPP)

Full-time staff who are non-US citizens/residents are eligible to participate on a voluntary basis to this pension plan within the terms stated in the policies and procedures manual. The plan is administered by the Commercial International Bank (CIB) in Egyptian pounds.

The American-Based AUC Custodial Retirement Plan (Vanguard)

Participation is voluntary. This plan is limited to administrators, managers, faculty and staff who are US citizens and US resident aliens/Green Card holders or those employed in North America Office. The plan is administered by Vanguard in the United States.

The AUC Offshore Retirement Investment Plan (Fidelity)

Participation in the plan is voluntary. This plan is open to administrators, managers and faculty who are non-US citizens, 
whether third-country nationals or Egyptians. US citizens/residents are not eligible to participate. The plan is administered by the Fidelity International Offices in the United Kingdom in US dollars.

The AUC Retirement Savings Plan in US Dollars (AAIB)

Participation in this plan is voluntary. This plan is open to administrators, managers and faculty who are non-US citizens, 
whether third-country nationals or Egyptians. US citizens/residents are not eligible to participate. The plan is administered by the Arab African International Bank in Egypt in US dollars. This plan is an alternative to the AUC offshore retirement investment plan.

Day Care Benefits

All regular female employees who work on a full-time basis, casual contracts and faculty who have children from the age of three months to the age of five are eligible to receive this benefit. This benefit is provided through an outsourced daycare center located in AUC campus or through any other external daycare center of the staff member choice. This feature is provided for a maximum of two children per employee.

Educational Benefits for Staff

A regular full-time staff who has completed or will complete at least one full year at the University during the applied for semester is eligible to take tuition-free, one regular course per semester in the academic program of the University (with the exclusion of PhD and EMBA programs).

Educational Benefits for Dependents

Eligible dependents of regular full-time staff meeting admission requirements will be qualified for either partial or full scholarships for academic courses (excluding PhD and EMBA programs) taken at the University depending upon the employee’s length of service. This benefit is provided for a maximum of two children per employee and spouse.

Schooling Loan

At the beginning of the academic year, a schooling loan is available for full-time staff with certain terms and conditions governing the loan provision.