Your First Week

Whether it is your first job post or your fifth, those first few days can be a little stressful. We want to make sure you get connected in different ways during your first week to ensure you have the needed information, tools and resources to get you started and to learn about your new workplace environment. 

Meet your Onboarding Buddy

Bringing a new staff on board is both an exciting and a challenging moment. Although line managers play a vital role in forming new staff's familiarity with the work environment, greater team commitment can produce a more constructive and successful experience.

Onboarding buddies play a key role in ensuring a positive experience for new staff. The onboarding buddy welcomes and partners with you during your first month of employment, provides reliable support and information and acts as the point-of-contact for your basic questions regarding your work experience.

The onboarding buddy is primarily responsible for offering advice and guidance regarding the day-to-day aspects of working at The American University in Cairo (AUC).

Meet with your Line Manager

During your meeting with your line manager, you will know about:

  • The department/office's mission, strategic plan, structure and goals as well as relation to other departments/offices
  • Your job description, responsibilities and performance goals/expectations
  • The department/office's policies and procedures (working hours, lunch breaks, dress code, requests for time off, or calling in for an emergency absence, performance reviews)
  • The assigned onboarding buddy who can serve as your point-of-contact
  • Your team members

ID Issuance

For more information about your staff ID issuance, click here.

Email Account

AUC email accounts for staff members are created by the Office of Human Resources (HR). Your respective HR staff operations' representative will create it for you.

IT Resources

To know more about AUC's IT services and resources, click here.

Getting Paid

To learn more about when salaries are paid to staff members, click here

Enroll in AUC's Benefit Plans

To know more about AUC's benefit plans, click here.

To enroll and choose between benefit plans, contact your respective HR Staff Operations' representative.

Policies and Procedures

As a staff member, your work is guided by HR policies and procedures as well as University-wide policies. To check the policies and procedures staff manual prepared for you by the Office of Human Resources, click here. For University policies, click here.