Faculty and Staff Development Funds

AUC offers support for faculty and staff professional development with various training programs, research opportunities, awards and exchange programs.

Endowed Faculty and Staff Development Funds

J. Duggan Endowed Memorial Fund for AUC Library Staff

Established in 1985, by multiple donors, in memory of Jesse E. Duggan, director of AUC's Library for twelve years, to provide AUC library staff with training and development including English training at AUC and local and regional conferences and workshops on library skills, Egyptology, archival systems and information technology services.

Samer Soliman Endowed Forum for Democratic Transformation

Established in 2013, by multiple donors in memory of Samer Soliman, associate professor in the Department of Political Science at AUC, to support an ongoing lecture and seminar series on contemporary public issues.

Annual Faculty and Staff Development Funds

Employee Emergency Relief Fund (EERF)

Established in 2017, by multiple donors to provide support for current and retired employees of the University who are confronted with a significant, unforeseen temporary financial emergency. Since responsible citizenship and service is one of AUC's top priorities — and being a good citizen starts at home — the fund is supported through the contributions of members of the AUC community. Their gifts provide an indispensable safety net for our colleagues who may be confronted with an unexpected, temporary financial hardship.

Moataz Al Alfi GAPP Faculty Research Awards

Established in 2013, by Mr. and Mrs. Moataz Al Alfi to encourage faculty members in the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) to enhance the quantity and quality of publications in peer-reviewed journals and subsequently have a positive impact on accreditation and on overall University ranking.