ENGL 0210

English 0210 is an intensive English course in which classes meet five days a week for a total of fifteen hours.

Sessions are devoted to the comprehension and summary of university-level texts, the introduction to basic research tools, the writing of essays on science and humanities topics, and remedial grammar within the context of individual teacher-student conferences.

Freshmen taking English 0210 may enroll in no more than two academic courses with a maximum of seven course credits.

Students may choose from the following courses:

ANTH 1099 Selected Topics in the Social Sciences
ARIC 1099 Selected Topic for Core Curriculum
ARIC 2101 Introduction to Classical Arabic Literature
ARIC 2102 Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
ARTV 2200 Art Foundations
BIOL 1040 Essentials of Environmental Biology
BIOL 1010 and Lab Introductory Biology 
BIOL 1011 and Lab Unity of Life
BIOL 1012 and Lab Diversity of Life 
BIOL 1410 and Lab Current Health Issues
BIOL 1930 Selected Topic for Core Curriculum
CHEM 1003 Chemistry and Society + General Lab
CHEM 1004 Man and the Environment + General Lab
CHEM 1005 General Chemistry I 
CHEM 1015 General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1006  General Chemistry II 
CHEM 1016 General Chemistry II Lab
CORE 1099 Selected Topic for Core Curriculum
CSCE 1002  Introduction to Computers and their Applications
CSCE 1001  Fundamentals of Computer Science
CSCE 1101 Programming Fundamentals
ECLT 1099 Selected Topic for Core Curriculum
ECON 2016 Mathematics for Economists I
EGPT 1099 Selected Topics in Social Sciences
MACT 1111 Algebra and Trigonometry
MACT 1221 Statistical Reasoning
MACT 1121 Calculus I
MACT 1122 Calculus II
MACT 1930 Selected Topics in Quantitative Thinking
MACT 2222 Statistics for Business
MUSC 2200 Introduction to Music
PHYS 1001 Physics for Poets + General Lab
PHYS 1011 and 1012 Lab Classical Mechanics, Sound and Heat and Lab
PHYS 1021 and 1022 Lab Electricity and Magnetism and Lab
PHYS 1930 Selected Topics in the Natural Sciences
SCI 1015   Science and Technology of Ancient Egypt
SCI 1009 Exploration of the Universe + General Lab
SCI 2004 Chemistry, Art and Archaeology + General Lab
SCI 1015 Lab General Science Lab
SCI 2005 + 2015Lab Introduction to Geology + Geology Lab
SEMR 1023 Celebrating Ideas: A Voyage Through Books, Art, Film and Theatre
SEMR 1099 Modern Cairo
THTR 1101 The World of the Theatre
THTR 1201 The Art of the Theatre
THTR 2401 Introduction to Technical Theatre