About the Program

AUC's Intensive Academic English Program for Undergraduates

The Intensive Academic English (IEP) for undergraduates offers ELIN 0101 (Intermediate English), and ELIN 0102 (Advanced English). Students are placed in one of the two levels according to their scores on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL-iBT).


Students in all undergraduate IEP classes take five hours of classes a day. Because of the intensive nature of the classes, regular attendance and active involvement are major factors in a student’s success. It is very difficult and often impossible to make up what has been missed.

Placement Procedures

Students are placed in the IEP according to the TOEFL and academic IELTS cut-off scores set by the University. 

During the first two weeks of the semester, all students are assessed by their teachers. Class teachers discuss their students’ performance as evidenced by tests, quizzes, writing samples, classroom activities, etc., and decide whether students have been accurately placed. If all teachers of a class agree that a given student is misplaced, samples of the student’s work and a written recommendation by the teachers will be submitted to the IEP director for review. A recommendation is made to the student to move either from ELIN 0101 to ELIN 0102 or from ELIN 0102 to ELIN 0101. The student is free not to act on this recommendation. This change of level can only occur within the IEP (ELIN 0101 and ELIN 0102).

Students will acquire a range of academic vocabulary and knowledge of grammar as they explore academic content through readings, live lectures, listening activities and Internet-based research. They will apply this knowledge in writing, class discussions and oral presentations.

The IEP also has several computer labs, which are used both during class time and in open access hours outside class time. Students use these labs for language practice, word processing and access to the Internet and email.

All IEP (ELIN 0101 and ELIN 0102) students are evaluated according to the following assessment measures:

  • A teacher evaluation in each skill area of their work during the semester
  • A number of assessment tasks administered during the semester

Student placement for the next semester is based on scores on the assessment measures listed above.

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Need Help or Advice?

The IEP teachers and staff members are very interested not only in student progress in English but also in helping to solve any problems or answering any questions students may have. All teachers, therefore, are ready to meet during their office hours or by appointment to discuss matters of concern. In addition, the IEP director is happy to meet with students at any time regarding questions or problems.

The Center for Student Well-Being has a staff of trained people available to help students with various types of problems. Students may go there and inquire about the different services that are available.

Students may take advantage of the channels above for help or advice in order to remain productive and successful in the IEP, and at the same time, provide a solid basis for success at AUC.