Rules and Procedures

  • Academic English for Graduates Program (AEG) students are expected to read and abide by the AUC Code of Student Conduct. Actions or speech that violate this Code, including harming others or preventing others from learning, are not acceptable and may result in disciplinary action.

    All AEG students are expected to take responsibility for their learning by:

    1. Participating actively and thoughtfully in-class activities.
    2. Completing both in-class and homework assignments.
    3. Attending sessions regularly.
    4. Developing effective study habits and learning strategies.
    5. Developing critical and analytical thinking skills.
    6. Expanding their intellectual horizons and adapting to the University’s graduate student environment.
  • AEG students are expected to adhere to the AUC Code of Academic Ethics. More information on the types of violations can be found here.

  • The AEG student grievance process is as follows:

    1. If you have a classroom or course-related concern, you should first discuss it with the teacher of that course.
    2. If you and the teacher cannot resolve the problem, you may bring the matter up with the AEG director.
    3. In case you think that neither the teacher nor the director has addressed your concern, then you may submit a formal, written complaint to the chair of the Department of English Language Instruction.
    4. In case of a formal, written complaint, the teacher of the course in question has the opportunity to submit a written response within five working days to the ELI department chair.
    5. The chair may, at his or her discretion, dismiss a complaint that, in his or her judgment, is lacking in merit.
    6. The ELI department chair, together with the program director, will take appropriate steps to resolve the problem and will respond to you and the teacher in writing.
    7. A record of your complaint, the teacher’s response and the resolution will be kept in the department’s files.

    For more information, see the AUC Grievance and Appeal Process for Student Concerns

    Appeal Process and Resolution of Student Challenge to Grade

    If a student requests that his grade on a secure assessment task be re-checked, the policy is as follows:

    1. The student asks his/her teacher to re-check his/her grade.
    2. The teacher expresses the student’s concern to the assessment specialist (AEG program director) and requests to re-check the student’s answer sheet with the assessment specialist (AEG program director) to ensure that the grade is accurate.
    3. The outcome of the process is either a confirmation that the grade is accurate or a change of grade.
    4. This should be done within two days after the results of the assessment task have been announced.
    5. The teacher reports back to the student in detail why he or she earned this grade or why there was a change of grade.
    6. If the student still cannot accept the grade, he or she goes to the assessment specialist (AEG program director), accompanied by his or her teacher, to have his or her grade explained to him or her again.