Course Transfer and Evaluation

During the summer study-abroad program, you must enroll in two to three courses per semester at the host university. All credits earned at the host university will transfer back to AUC after following the below guidelines: 

How to get study-abroad or exchange courses approved for transfer to AUC? 

  • Select the planned courses at the host institution for the desired semester(s)/session.

  • Use the Transfer Course Equivalency Tool (TCE) for previously evaluated course equivalency. You might find more courses on the host university website that are not listed on the TCE. 

  • Whether the courses are listed on the TCE or not, you have to sign up for an appointment with the associate registrar for transfer credit affairs in the office of the registrar, located in the administration building, room P049. Click here to submit the course description and schedule for all the selected courses printed directly from the host institution's website.

  • Before scheduling an appointment with the office of the registrar, make sure to carefully read the transfer guidelines.

  • Before leaving the host university, ensure to request an official copy of your transcript.

  • The office of the registrar does not accept official transcripts that are directly sent from students.

  • All the courses that you take while abroad will show on your AUC transcript. Only grades of "C" or above will be counted as an earned credit. Courses graded "C-" or below will show on your AUC transcript, but will not be transferred back to AUC. Your grade point average will not be affected by the grades you receive during your semester abroad.