Study Abroad Student Ambassador Program

As internalization is one of AUC’s pillars of the centennial strategic plan, the International Programs and Services Office (IPSO) realized the importance of capitalizing on the outgoing students’ activities to promote AUC’s image abroad. The Study Abroad Student Ambassador Program (SASAP) is a co-curricular activity that aims at preparing students to become representatives of AUC during their exchange/study abroad experience.

Program’s Objectives

Through the student representatives in the various universities abroad, this program aims at enhancing AUC’s image and eventually increase the number of incoming international students to reach our target of 20 percent of the student body.

As for the outgoing students, it will help them broaden their way of thinking and their world views through their first-hand experiences with different cultures. Also, being part of this program will provide students with opportunities for personal growth and development, along with gaining self-confidence and leadership skills. Finally, students of this program will eventually establish personal connections, which will be vital for their future career opportunities and networking. 

Target Audience

AUC outgoing exchange or study abroad students who are traveling during the fall or spring semesters.

Student Activities

  • Representation at student fairs, international day or similar events, and conducting AUC presentation if feasible at the host university.
  • Students may represent the AUC through their participation in various activities of their interests. These may include sports activities, blog writing, cooking competition, art competition, joining plays, and shows.