Academic English for the Liberal Arts

Freshman Fatma El Nefaly

Director's Welcome

Welcome to AUC. We hope this will be a successful semester for all of you. English 0210 is a valuable course, the aim of which is to improve students’ language and academic skills in order to help them cope more confidently with freshman-level work. In addition to language skills, the course introduces students to the various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. This helps students become more familiar with the educational philosophy of a liberal arts education, for which this institution is renowned.

With best wishes for a successful semester.
Mona El Saady
English 0210 Director

About The Program          CEA Accreditation

  • ENGL 0210 is designed to enable students to:

    1. Comprehend, analyze and evaluate authentic texts from a freshman-level course (reading).

    2. Demonstrate understanding of information presented orally by faculty and peers in lectures and discussions (listening).

    3. Communicate ideas in writing, following academic conventions (writing).

    4. Demonstrate university-level speaking skills (speaking).

    5. Use university resources effectively and ethically (academic literacy).

    6. Demonstrate understanding of academic culture and requirements (acculturation).

    7. Monitor and assess their own understanding of course material, use of strategies and ability to transfer learning and strategies from one setting to another (metacognition).

  • Throughout the program, teaching strategies aim to nurture independence of thought, learning autonomy, creativity, critical thinking and self-evaluation. Teaching is basically student-centered, encouraging class participation, as well as pair and group interaction.

  • ENGL 0210 is a Pass/Fail course. Whether a student passes or not depends on their final score, which is based on a number of exams and assignments. The following table provides the content and weighting of ENGL 0210 assessments.



    Grade Distribution

    Exam 1

    First Writing Task

    Listening Comprehension Task



    Exam 2

    Reading Summary Task

    Summary Response Task


    Oral Presentation

    Oral presentations: Process and Product consisting of the following two components:

    • 85% for the Oral Presentation


    • 15% for the Process Reflection Paper


    Student Involvement

    Student Involvement


    Final Reflection Paper

    Final Reflection Paper Assignment


    Final exam

    Final Writing Task

    Reading comprehension and vocabulary (RCV) multiple-choice test



  • The course is divided into two modules and the modules are divided into rounds. Reading selections are culled from a different discipline every round, and language development is reinforced by activities based on themes from that particular discipline. At the end of each module, the students are given a formal test that forms part of their overall assessment.

  • Final Total Score

    General Description

    Proficiency Descriptors

    Indication of Standing

    70 +


    (Meets or exceeds expectations)

    Student is able to perform many academic tasks well, including:

    • Comprehending and analyzing written and oral academic English on a wide variety of topics,
    • Expressing his/her own ideas and the ideas of others appropriately and effectively orally and in writing, despite occasional minor difficulties in language use and/or
    • Consistently following the conventions of written or oral academic English discourse (including paraphrasing and accurately integrating and citing source material).

    RHET 1010



    (Approaching expectations)

    Although sometimes able to perform academic tasks satisfactorily, student demonstrates inconsistency in the ability to:

    • Comprehend written and oral academic English
    • Express ideas orally or in writing
    • Follow the conventions of academic English discourse, whether oral or written and/or
    • Produce acceptable work either within or across tasks.




    (Does not meet expectations)

    Although student is able to perform some academic tasks satisfactorily, language difficulties and/or lack of knowledge of conventions of academic English may impede:

    • Full comprehension of academic texts, whether oral or written and
    • The ability to communicate effectively when writing or speaking.
    • The ability to produce acceptable work.

    ENGL 0210

  • For new students (direct entrants), placement in English 0210 is determined by their scores on the Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL-iBT) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). For students coming from the Intensive English Program (IEP), placement in English 0210 is determined by their scores on the IEP exams. Students exiting English 0210 are placed in RHET 1010.

    Students taking English 0210 may enroll in no more than two academic courses with a maximum of seven-course credits.

  • English 0210 classes meet four days a week for three contact hours, along with additional set times for individual conferences with teachers. Students are required to attend these meetings.

    Attendance in English 0210 is very important. A student who, for any reason, misses more than 12 days of class in any one semester, may not be allowed to sit for the English 0210 final exam.

    If a student exceeds the allowed number of absences from classes in English 0210 for legitimate, justifiable reasons and has still been able to keep up with class assignments and not fall behind the rest of the class, the student is eligible to appeal the F absence grade by following the appeal procedure. 

    All students who are enrolled in English 0210 must satisfactorily complete the coursework within a time period that does not exceed two full semesters and a summer session.

    On the first day of English 0210 classes, students should check their names on Banner Self-Service.  If they do not find their names, they should go to room P067, located in The ELI department, plaza level.

  • For frequently asked questions, click here.

Contact Information

Academic English for the Liberal Arts (ENG 0210)
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Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Hall (HUSS)
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Mona El Saady

English 0210 Director
Room P068
tel 20.2.2615.2094

Mohamed Mokhtar

Senior Administrative Affairs Assistant 
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