The President’s Operational Excellence Initiative

As AUC moves past the initial crisis management of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must accelerate and strengthen our operational reforms across the University — reinforcing the work already underway as part of AUC’s strategic plan —through the formation of the following seven committees. Each warmly invites volunteers, proposals, concerns, and ideas from outside their immediate office teams and disciplines: 


Academic Mission Committee

Chair: Provost Ehab Abdel-Rahman

Mandate: Prepare for Summer and Fall 2020; establish alternative instructional and research modes for FY21 and beyond; oversee all matters dealing with academic planning, policies and procedures, and resource allocation recommendations.   

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Digital Optimization Committee

Chair: Vice President for Digital Transformation Ayman Abdellatif 

Mandate: Accelerate digital transformation and optimization of full online and blended capabilities for all degree and nondegree programs, and pan-AUC administrative operations;  facilitate and improve remote access for all AUC users; and strengthen cyber security protocols, systems, and training.

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Human Resources Committee

Chair: Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources Sarah Refaat

Mandate: Advance HR reforms already underway, including regulating remote work policy after assessment of initial pilots; enacting a hiring freeze and eliminating vacancies with an approval process for rare exceptions based on documented critical need; revising overtime policy; conducting position review with area and unit heads.

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Fiscal Governance Committee

Chair: Associate Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer Amir Habib

Mandate: Identify cost-reduction and revenue-increasing measures in each operating area to achieve a balanced budget; strengthen controls on expenditures both in advance and post facto; develop policies for freeze of travel, hospitality and other discretionary spending; streamline and strengthen procurement and property management; automate financial transactions to achieve a “cashless campus.”  

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Student Services Committee

Chair: Vice President for Student Life Deena Boraie

Mandate: Update student residence policies and streamline management operations; optimize operations of athletic facilities and programs; update and improve on-campus support services for all students, with a particular focus on special needs of international students.

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Management and Operations Committee

Chair: Vice President for Management and Operations Shereen Shaker

Mandate: Streamline all operations to upgrade quality of service and eliminate waste; ensure cleanliness, sanitation, health and safety of all people, facilities and the environment; review capital projects; establish global best practice public health procedures and protocols to reopen physical presence.

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North America and Fundraising Committee

Chair: Vice President for Advancement and the Americas Bruce Flessner

Mandate: Optimize relief under CARES Act; refresh strategies and operations for fundraising and international student recruitment; streamline U.S.-based operations and advance their integration with campus-based operations. 

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