The American University in Cairo has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. The University is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination. #AUCSpeakUp is a University-wide initiative to reinforce AUC’s legacy of equity, inclusiveness and a safe campus.

Visit this website to learn about the University’s anti-harassment and non-discrimination policy, steps on how to report, helpful resources, online training, important contacts and more.


















We stand together as a community against any form of harassment and discrimination.
We prevent harassment and protect the confidentiality of those who come forward.
We empower all members of our community through a culture of equity and inclusion.
We are accountable for our actions and report any misconduct.
We know AUC's policy and share responsibility for raising awareness.


Measures and Procedures

1. Reporting

  • Advocate (to report an incident where the respondent is a student)
  • AUC Ethics HelpLine (to report an incident where the respondent is not a student - Ethics Helpline also allows anonymous reporting). For more information about AUC Ethics Helpline, click here.

2. Contact Title IX Coordinator

Contact Title IX Coordinator: Reem El-Mograby, or call +2.02.2615.2218.

3. Need to Speak with Someone?

AUC’s Center for Student Wellbeing is prepared to support any individuals who may wish to speak to someone about their experience. This webpage lists the contacts to the center.

Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy

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Mandatory Online Anti-Harassment Training Sessions

AUC is the first in Egypt to introduce mandatory online anti-harassment training to all faculty, staff and students. The entire University leadership — including all deans, vice presidents and department chairs — will be the first groups to participate in the training. 

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Outcome of Misconduct Investigation

October 6, 2020

On September 5, the Office of Institutional Equity opened an investigation in response to reports that a group of current and former AUC students shared explicit photos of women on a WhatsApp group. The investigation found evidence of three WhatsApp chat groups active at various times — all of them since disbanded — engaged in sharing explicit photos and videos of women without their consent.

Update on Misconduct Investigation

September 26, 2020

The University is aware of the recent social media posts shared over the weekend. AUC takes these allegations seriously. AUC is currently investigating implicated individuals.

Misconduct Investigation

September 7, 2020

The University is aware of several social media posts that contain allegations of serious misconduct among a WhatsApp group of alumni and possibly current students. AUC takes these allegations seriously and has launched an investigation. The University will take appropriate action against any individuals found to have engaged in misconduct.


Msh Zanbek Theatre Performance

Msh Zanbek, an upcoming play that explores the issue of sexual harassment from various perspectives, including family and couple, bystander, victim and perpetrator, male and female, power and incapacity. Co-creators of the play Jillian Campana, professor of theatre and associate dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, along with Dina Amin, head of the Theatre Program and associate professor of theatre.

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debate society

Debate Society

Debate Society wanted to have a conversation about sexual harassment in Egypt and wants you to be a part of it. Unleash Your Voice invited the AUC community to discuss the influence of state and society on sexual harassment. 

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Check out the Debate Society Facebook page

SpeakUp in Motion

Soraya Bahgat '06, Member of UN Women Gender Innovation Agora

January 31, Interview with Soraya Bahgat '06, Member of UN Women Gender Innovation Agora #AUCSpeakUp

AUCTV Speaks to Hani Henry on the Psychological Impact of Sexual Harassment

July 28, AUCTV spoke to Hani Henry, associate professor of psychology and associate dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, about what defines harassment, psychological disorders that can arise from it, how to help victims and more.

What is Title IX?

July 19, AUCTV spoke to Reem El-Mograby '09 about what Title IX means, her role in receiving reported harassment and discrimination cases and responding to them, and how community members can formally file a complaint. 


We need to have channels to talk to our children without supposing that we have the right answers.

Hania Sholkamy, '85, '89
Associate Professor, AUC's Social Research Center

Laws need to be enforced; that means institutions like AUC have to enforce these with rigor, impartiality, and penalty. There has to be justice. That’s when the behavior starts to change.

Maya Morsy '95
President, Egypt’s National Council for Women
Hisham el Khazindar

At the end of the day, no community, no country, advances if half of this society, which is women, is not empowered and is subject to secondary treatment. For me, this is not an issue of man and woman but an issue of what is right and what is wrong.

Hisham El-Khazindar '96
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Qalaa Holdings; AUC Trustee

SpeakUp In the Media

Al Shourouk

February 9, 2021


February 9, 2021

Al Ahram

February 1, 2021

President Francis J. Ricciardone delivered remarks at the CIMUN opening cermony

President's Corner: Strengthening AUC’s Culture of Care and Respect

May 10, 2018

Any AUCian who has witnessed or experienced instances of any forms of sexual abuse or any form of bullying or discrimination, or who has ideas for how to strengthen our culture of respect and dignity, has the full personal attention and support of the AUC leadership team, for timely, appropriate, and effective action.

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Action Collaborative on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

The Action Collaborative brings together leaders from over 60 academic and research institutions and key stakeholders to work together on addressing and preventing sexual harassment across all disciplines and among all people in higher education. AUC is the only member outside the United States that is a member of this group.

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