Graduate Admissions

The University admits outstanding graduate students who demonstrate the ability to do creative and original work. A graduate applicant must have an acceptable bachelor’s degree, with a record at the required level, and perform well on any designated entrance examination.

AUC offers 44 master’s and two PhD programs in addition to various graduate diplomas. For a complete list of the graduate programs, click here.


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MIM/CEMS Degree-Seeking Form



Minimum requirements need to be met for a graduate studies applicant to be accepted at AUC. Other requirements may apply depending upon the specific admission category. Also, requirements for a given program may be at a higher level, as specified by the department.


Applicants for graduate study must have an acceptable Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, with an academic record at a level sufficient to qualify for full or provisional admission, as described under admission categories. Additional criteria, such as the following, may also be considered when evaluating a candidate for admission to the graduate program:

  • Performance as nondegree student showing evidence of preparation for graduate level courses
  • Test scores (GRE, GMAT and Arabic Language) that suggest potential
  • Work experience in a field related to the program applied for
  • Strong faculty advocacy with written intent to mentor the student
  • References from instructor or employer speaking to motivation and maturity
  • Personal interview

English Language Proficiency

An applicant must demonstrate a good knowledge of English adequate for graduate study in that language. For full admission to the University, a graduate applicant must attain the required score on the International TOEFL or iBT (with TWE) or IELTS examinations. An applicant may be exempted from these examinations if he or she is currently enrolled in, or a graduate from, an accredited university where the language of instruction is English. An applicant who does not attain the minimum test score, but who is otherwise qualified for admission, is placed in an English Language Instruction (ELI) course for further language study.

  • New Degree and Nondegree Students

All new applicants who will be enrolling with full-time status, as well as nondegree students, must provide evidence of academic English proficiency prior to enrollment in any course.

  • Exemption from the English Test

Graduate applicants who hold degrees from an accredited English-language university or applicants who have been recently accepted by or are enrolled in an accredited English-language university.

  • Transfer Students

All transfer students, except those transferring from an accredited English-language university, are required to take the international TOEFL or the academic IELTS. Applicants who are transferring from another type of institution will be placed in intensive English or academic English or exempted from any further English requirements, based on their scores on the international TOEFL or the academic IELTS.

  • Readmission

AUC students who withdraw from the University in good standing and subsequently wish to return after an absence of one or more semesters may apply for readmission. Application must be made before the appropriate application deadline, and the applicant must meet all the admission requirements prevailing at the time of readmission. Readmission is offered on a space-available basis and is not guaranteed.

Disqualified or suspended students must petition for readmission in addition to the required readmission application and must meet all the admission requirements prevailing at the time of readmission.

Students who are suspended because they have not passed Intensive English courses (ELIN 0301 or ELIN 0302 ) in two semesters and a summer (or three semesters if a summer course is not offered) are required to submit a recent International TOEFL with TWE, (iBT) or Academic IELTS and they must demonstrate a level of proficiency for direct admission to Academic English for Graduates (English modules) or higher. Students who are disqualified because they have failed any other Academic English module (ENGL 0310, ENGL 0311 or ENGL 0312) three times are required to demonstrate a level of English language proficiency for direct admission without any English requirement.


English Level at Time of Withdrawal Lapse of Time  TOEFL/iBT Required Completed 
Completed required  Less than 24 months No
Academic English modules successfully or satisfied English requirement More than 24 months Yes
Enrolled in intensive English or academic English Less than 6 months No 
  6 -12 months Optional
Enrolled in intensive English or academic English More than 12 months Yes


TOEFL/IELTS/ Cambridge Assessment English cut-off scores for graduate applicants
TOEFL module placement for graduate students

Computer and Library Skills

Graduate students may be asked to demonstrate minimum competency in use of computers and academic libraries as they relate to graduate study and research.

Entrance Examination

The department of major may require applicants to sit for a graduate entrance examination, whose results will be considered at the time of admission.

  • Science and engineering departments require PhD applicants to sit for a Graduate Entrance Examination (GRE). Also, applicants to MA programs in economics, economics in international development and finance are required to sit for the GRE.
  • The Department of Management requires MBA applicants to sit for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).
  • The Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language program may require an Arabic Language test based on the evaluation of the application.


Categories of admission depend upon the applicant’s qualifications, status and study plan.

Full Admission

Full admission may be granted to entering students who have met the minimum criteria for graduate admission and any of the following requirements:

  • A BA or BSc degree with an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 or its equivalent, and 3.0 or its equivalent in the major.
  • An overall average of gayyid on a BA or BSc degree from an Egyptian national university.
  • A graduate degree with a minimum overall average of gayyid giddan or 'B' if the degree is closely related to the intended major.

Additionally, the department of the major may require satisfactory performance on an examination. Full admission may also be attained by fulfilling the conditions specified under the provisional admission category below.

Provisional Admission

Provisional admission is granted to those entering students not qualifying for full admission, but who have additional attributes that give them a high potential for success in a given graduate program.

Under provisional admission, a student may be required to take English courses, a number of specified prerequisite courses, or fulfill a condition. Students are required to achieve a 'B' average in these prerequisite courses or their admission at AUC will be discontinued. In some instances, students may not be required to fulfill any prerequisites while on provisional status; however, in this case, they are considered on probation and must achieve a minimum 'B' average in the first semester (or two graduate courses) or they will be dropped from the program.

Dual Degree Admission

Graduate students may pursue two distinct graduate degrees (diploma and Master's or two Master's) in different departments, either simultaneously or consecutively. In either case, the student must apply to and be accepted by each program involved. The student may have up to 12 credit hours accepted for credit in both degree programs contingent upon departments' and deans' approval. In the case of simultaneous programs, the student may request prior approval of the courses to be counted towards both degrees from the departments involved. In the case of sequential degrees, a period of up to five years is allowed between the dates of finishing one degree and starting the second. Acceptance of a course towards the new degree shall be contingent upon departmental and dean's approval.

Nondegree Admission

An applicant not seeking an AUC degree but who wishes to take AUC courses for academic credit may be admitted as a nondegree student if he or she meets the minimum criteria for graduate admission. A number of places are set aside each year for such students, most of whom take a year away from their studies at another institution to study and live in Egypt. Since AUC is a U.S. accredited institution following an American system, students from U.S. universities are usually able to transfer AUC credits to their home institutions, but they are advised to check in advance.  Nondegree applicants follow the same procedures for admission as degree-seeking students and should enclose transcripts of their undergraduate work and fulfill the English language requirements.

Upon request, the university may approve a change of status from nondegree to degree student.  If a graduate nondegree student should become a degree candidate, the department of major will consider accepting credit for courses taken under nondegree status. All academic regulations applicable to degree students will apply retroactively with such change of status.

Those who wish to attend individual classes may apply as auditors; however, they may not sit for final examinations, nor receive academic credit or any university certificate of enrollment. Auditors do not have to meet all requirements for regular admission but must apply to the Office of Graduate Admissions by the deadlines indicated. Since permission to audit is on a space-available basis, applicants are not permitted to register until after the registration of regular students has been completed.


Upon the recommendation of the student's department to the school dean in consultation with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research and the Registrar, a graduate student may normally receive up to six credits for graduate-level work completed at a different university. The coursework may not have been used previously to earn another degree. Any request for the acceptance of transfer credit towards an AUC degree shall be carefully considered by the department concerned before submitting a recommendation to the school dean for approval. Two major considerations are relevant to the student's program of study, and time lapse since taking the courses for which transfer credit is requested. Approval of the graduate school committee must be received for more than six hours of credit.


A student who has withdrawn in good standing and wishes to return to the university after an absence of one or more semesters may apply for readmission. Application must be made before the appropriate application deadline, and the applicant must meet all the admission requirements prevailing at the time.

Summer Admission

The University does not usually admit degree students during the summer semester, but exceptional cases may be brought to the attention of the director of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for consideration. Degree-seeking students are not admitted during the winter session.

Nondegree applicants for summer should follow the application procedures for nondegree admission.

Click here for more information about the programs.


1 A) Submit the online application for all programs except the MIM/CEMS degree-seeking program

   B) Apply here for the MIM/CEMS degree-seeking program for Fall 2019 only. The application requirements for this program are found in the checklist of this form. 

2) For an application to be processed, for any program other than the MIM/CEMS degree-seeking program, the following documents must be included:


All Students (Egyptian and non-Egyptian):

  • Application form - Filled out as per the instructions indicated at the end of the form.
  • Personal statement  - (Form 2) of no less than 500 words. Applicants selecting two programs for admission consideration should include two separate statements.
  • An updated CV that must include work experience and educational background.
  • Official transcript(s) from all higher education institutions attended, with proof of degree completion. Unofficial, clear, scanned copies are acceptable for processing purposes, but final admission is not granted until the original, official transcripts are submitted, reviewed and approved by the Office of Graduate Admissions.
  • Two letters of recommendation at least.
  • Medical reports: Prior to registration, only newly admitted graduate students are required to submit a soft copy of a recent medical report to AUC’s Medical Clinic. International students are advised to include the results of a recent HIV test for student visa purposes. Students with special medical requirements, or those who would prefer that the clinic be aware of any specific medical conditions/needs, will get to communicate directly with the specialists at the clinic, once on campus. 
  • Proof of financial resources to meet the costs of AUC.


International Students

  • International Student Data Form (Form 5) completed.
  • Clear copy of the information page of a valid passport, showing photo, passport number, and personal information.
  • Two recent passport-size photos.
  • Proof of health and accident insurance for the duration of your stay in Egypt.

Egyptian Students

  • Clear copy of both sides of the national ID.
  • Clear copy of the electronic birth certificate.
  • Military service certificate (for Egyptian males), to be submitted with the original certificate, which will be photocopied and stamped as a true copy at AUC’s Student Service Center.

3) Submit the required test results:


  • Non-native speakers of English are required to present valid TOEFL iBT or IELTS test results, achieving the minimum cut-off scores required by the University. Validity for both tests is two years.  
  • Graduate applicants who hold degrees from an accredited university where English is the only language of instruction may be exempted from presenting evidence of academic English proficiency unless they are applying for the African Graduate Fellowship, whereby English test results must be provided.
  • AUC’s score recipient code is 0903.
  • English exemption is determined by the Office of Graduate Admissions upon evaluation of the complete graduate applications and credentials.


  • Applicants to the MBA program should have at least three years of work experience and an official GMAT score report sent to the University.
  • If an official report is not available, an unofficial test report should be provided in the meantime to start processing the application.


  • Applicants to the PhD program, master’s in economics and master’s in economics in international development must submit an acceptable official GRE score report or have it sent directly to the University.
  • Applicants to the Master of Science in finance must submit either an acceptable official GMAT or GRE score report, or have it sent directly to the University.


Enrollments Requirements (Upon Acceptance):

 The following documents are needed after an admission decision is reached and prior to registration:

  • The original undergraduate transcript with proof of graduation.
  • The original score report for valid GRE, GMAT and TOEFL/iBT and Academic IELTS exam where required.
  • Record of a full physical examination: valid tests are those taken within one month prior to registration.
  • Proof of financial resources to meet educational costs at AUC.
  • Timely payment of all tuition and fees.

 For international students only:

  • Proof of health and accident insurance for the duration of stay in Egypt.
  • HIV test scores for student  visa purposes. 


Where to Send Documents

All applications credentials should be sent to:
Office of Enrollment, Admissions and Student Service Center
AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74
New Cairo 11835, Egypt
Telephone: 20.2.2615.4040  Fax: 20.2.2794.4728


Important Notes

  • Scanned or soft copies of all credentials are accepted only for processing purposes.
  • Original documents and original test results are required by the deadlines indicated in the letter of acknowledgment sent from the Office of Graduate Admissions. Deadlines are set to the respective admission cycles.
  • Applications that are submitted beyond graduate admission deadlines will be evaluated for the following semester in which the applied for program(s) are offered. Some graduate programs are offered to new students only in the fall semesters.
  • Financial aid and fellowship applications have their own deadlines. However, graduate admission applications must be submitted first to obtain an AUC ID number, which is required to complete financial aid and fellowship applications.