Planned Giving Donors

This list recognizes donors who are members of the Ewart Planned Giving Society. Thank you for choosing AUC to be part of your legacy.


Mr. Theodore S. Bacon, Jr.*

Mr. Miner D. Crary, Jr.* and Mrs. Mary Crary*

Mr. Paul B. Hannon Hon LHD**

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Ludwig

Mr. Joseph Van Vleck*


Mr. David P. Munro SP***

Dr. William Kelly Simpson Hon LHD**


Mrs. Sarah Bacon*


Mrs. Molly and Dr. Thomas Bartlett Hon LHD**

Mr. Henry O. Boswell, Jr.*

Mr. C. Robert Devine*

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Driscoll

Mrs. Margaret W. Harmon*

Mr. Charles J. Hedlund Hon LHD**

Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde*

Dr. A. Lachlan Reed*

Mrs. Mildred D. Sage Barlow*


The Estate of Elizabeth Bowman

Mr. Eugene D. Wadsworth*

**Special Program Alumni
***Honorary Degree