University Residences


Female Student Residence
La Palmiera Lodge (outside inscription)
Presented by Ahmed and Suad Juffali 2003 (internal inscription)
Donor: Mrs. Suad Al-Husseini Juffali Hon LHD


Group Study Room
Inscription: Affaf Amin '73 and Mohamed Abou Youssef Room
Donors: Mrs. Affaf Amin '73 and Eng. Mohamed Abou Youssef

Group Study Room
Inscription: Professor Tarek Hatem Room
Donor: Dr. Mohamed Tarek Hatem

Group Study Room
Inscription: Bahaa Hussein '86
Donor: Mr. Bahaa Hussein Mahmoud '86

Group Study Room
Inscription: In Memory of Dr. E. H. Valsan
Donors: The Valsan Family

Housing Commons Courtyard Fountain
Inscription: In Memory of My Parents:
Awad El Guindi (1908-2001), First Egyptian Civil Aviation Engineer and Chief Engineer of Egypt Air and Amina Awadallah (1914-2002)
Dedicated by Professor/Dr. Fadwa El Guindi '60

Donor: Dr. Fadwa El Guindi '60

Housing Commons Courtyard Fountain
Inscription: Jan Demming Montassir Fountain
Donor: Mrs. Jan Demming Montassir '72

Housing Commons Courtyard Fountain
Inscription: Abdel Rahman Ismail Fountain
Donor: Mr. Nader Abdel Rahman Ismail '03

Housing Commons Courtyard Fountain
Inscription: Walid Al-Bawardi Fountain
Donor: Mr. Walid Saad Al-Bawardi '02

Male Student Residence
Inscription: The Cashin Family Residence
Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Cashin

TV Lounge 
Inscription: Wiiings Lounge
Donor: Red Bull Egypt for Import and Export 

Hon LHD Honorary Degree