AUC Library



Circulation Desk
Inscription: Given in Honor of Charles R. Watson
Founder and First President of AUC, by Marion M. Lloyd, Life Trustee

Donor: Mrs. Marion M. Lloyd*

Garden Reading Room
Inscription: The Serenity Room
Donor: Mrs. Suad Al-Husseini Juffali Hon LHD

Group Study Room
Inscription: In Memory of Sherif Goubran Donated by Samira Goubran '72
Donor: Mrs. Samira Goubran Assaad '72

Group Study Room
Inscription: Sherif El Demelawy '93 Room
Donor: Mr. Sherif Abdel Rahman El Demelawy '93

Group Study Room
Inscription: Mahmoud Saiid El Derini '66 Room
Donor: Mr. Saiid El Derini '66

Group Study Room
Inscription: Dina Tayseer El Hawary Room
Donor: Mrs. Dina Tayseer El Hawary '90, '01

Group Study Room
Inscription: Lina El Rawas '02 Room
Donor: Mr. and Mrs. Sayed Sayed El Rawas

Group Study Room
Inscription: Hala Fares '91 '95 Room
Donor: Mrs. Hala Aly Mohamed Fares '91, '95

Group Study Room
Inscription: The Howaidy Room, Fouad '80, Ghada '86 and '91, Dina '88, Iman '89, Hania '93, Amr '96, Tariq '98
Donor: Mrs. Ghada Ahmed Howaidy '86, '91

Group Study Room
Inscription: Leon and Alice Ishkanian Room
Donor: Mr. Leon Mihran Ishkanian '52

Group Study Room
Inscription: Varoujan and Sona Kazandjian Room
Donor: Mr. Varoujan Vartan Kazandjian '53*; Mr. Vartan Sebouh Kazandjian '79

Group Study Room
Inscription: Naguib Kelada Family Room
Donor: Asaad Kelada and Nawal Kelada '61

Group Study Room
Inscription: Albert and Elise Kredian Room
Donor: Albert and Elise Kredian '55

Group Study Room
Inscription: In Memory of Mine An Ener
Donor: Professor Ann M. Lesch

Group Study Room
Inscription: The Providence Room
Donor: Ms. Annemarie Martin

Group Study Room
Inscription: Ahmed G. Shaaban '91
Donor: Mr. Ahmed Gamal Eldin Shaaban '91

Group Study Room
Inscription: Ahmed Sharafeldin Room
Donor: Mr. Ahmed Mamdouh Sharafeldin '91

Group Study Room
Inscription: The Quandt Family Room
Donor: Dr. and Mrs. William B. Quandt

Group Study Room
Inscription: In Memory of Dr. E. H. Valsan
Professor Mohamed Maged Abaza '82*
Dr. Abdel Moneim M. Agami
Dr. Mohamed Omar Askar
Dr. Islam Abdel Azim Azzam '98
Dr. Mohga Abdel Rahman Badran '75
Professor Joseph Edward Connolly
Dr. Khaled Mohamed Dahawy '90
Dr. Mahmoud Samy El Akabawy
Dr. Laila Mostafa El Baradei '83, '88
Dr. Mohamed Fakhry El Rawi
Dr. Omayma Kamal Eldean ElShaeer '88
Dr. Mohamed Hisham El Sherif SP
Dr. Maha El Shinnawy Shabana '84, '86
Dr. Ronald A. Fullerton
Mrs. Inaam Bahgat Hassanein '84, '91
H.E. Dr. Mohamed Medhat A. Aty Hassanein
Dr. Mohamed Tarek Hatem
Dr. and Mrs. Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Hegazy '84, '87
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Hegazy
Dr. Sherif Hussein Kamel '88, '90
Dr. Aya Mostafa Ahmed Maher '85, '03
Dr. Alia Galal Shoeib '88, '93
Dr. Elnora William Stuart
Dr. Ahmed Fouad Taher
Dr. Ahmed Hani Tolba '97, '01
Dr. Eskandar A. Tooma
Dr. Hazem Ahmed Yassin

Library Instruction Room
Inscription: John & Mary Anne Urquhart Room
Donor: Mr. and Mrs. John A. Urquhart, Sr.

Library Instruction Room
Inscription: AUC Parents Association Room
Donor: AUC Parents Association

Meeting Room
Inscription: Jesse Duggan Library
Named in memory of former AUC Library employee Jesse Duggan, by The American University in Cairo

Plaza Terrace
Inscription: The Precht Family Terrace
Given in Thanks for Four Decades of Egyptian Hospitality

Donor: Katherine Precht SP and Chris Evans

Rare Books and Special Collections Library Exhibition Room
Inscription: Abdallah S. Jum'ah '65 Room 
Donor: Mr. Abdallah S. Jum'ah '65

Rare Books and Special Collections Library Exhibition and Lecture Room
Inscription: Nadia N. Mostafa Lecture Room
Donor: Mrs. Nadia Niazi Mostafa

Rare Books and Special Collections Library Main Reading Room
Inscription: John D. Gerhart Reading Room
Donor: Professor Gail Gerhart and Dr. John D. Gerhart*

Rare Books and Special Collections Library Rooftop Garden
Inscription: Mr. and Mrs. C. Stedman Garber, Jr. Garden
Donor: Mr. C. Stedman Garber, Jr.
Hon LHD Honorary Degree
SP Special Program Alumni