Campus Center

Campus Center


Campus Center Lecture Hall 
Inscription: Mary Cross Lecture Hall
Donor: Mrs. Mary Cross

Campus Center Lecture Hall 
Inscription: Mohamed Shafik Gabr Lecture Hall
Donor: Mr. Mohamed Shafik Gabr '73

Cascading Strip Fountain 
Inscription: Hussein and Kim El Sharkawy Fountain
Donors: Dr. Hussein and Mrs. Kim El Sharkawy

Inscription: Abla Leheta '69 and Souhail El-Taji El-Farouki '68 Courtyard
Donors: Abla Leheta '69 and Souhail El-Taji El-Farouki '68

Day Care Center Courtyard 
Inscription: Sherry Arnold Children's Courtyard
Donors: Mr. David D. Arnold and Mrs. Sherry Lee Arnold

Day Care Center Playground 
Inscription: Nana's Playground
Donors: Kate, Victor and Jack Boyd

Food Court Dining Hall Fountain 
Inscription: Sonia Sarofim Aclimandos '76 Fountain
Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Anis Aclimandos

Food Court Indoor Dining Room 
Inscription: Americana Food Court
Donor: The Egyptian Company for International Touristic Projects (ECITP)

Food Court Outdoor Seating Area
Inscription: Americana Food Court
Donor: The Egyptian Company for International Touristic Projects (ECITP)

Inscription: Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Hegazy '84
Donor: Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Hegazy 

Instrumental/Choral Music Rehearsal Room
Inscription: John D. Gerhart Music Room
Donor: Anonymous

Main Gate
Inscription: Pepsi Entrance
Donor: Pepsi-Cola International Ltd.

Meeting Room in Office of Student Development 
Inscription: That Wisdom May Flourish Landon K. Thorne, III and Family Room 
Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Landon K. Thorne III

Inscription: Arnold Pavilion
Named in honor of former AUC President David Arnold by The American University in Cairo

Student Activity Room 
Inscription: In Loving Memory of Irene Manias Squyres '84 
Donor: The Squyres Family
Student Lounge
Inscription: The Bartlett Room
Donors: Dr. Thomas A. and Mrs. Mary Louise Bartlett Hon LHD

Student Union Office
Inscription: Student Union 2002-2003 Office
Donor: AUC Student Union

Student Work Space
Incription: Seifallah Coutry '75 and Family Workspace
Donor: Mr. Seifallah Coutry '75

Student Work Space 
Inscription: Don't tell me WHAT to DO, tell me WHY you think I SHOULD. Ross Bracco
From Tahany Zaher '74 and Cherif Ramsis '74

Donors: Cherif Ramsis '74 and Tahany Zaher '74

Student Work Space
Inscription: AUC Parents Association Workspace
Donor: AUC Parents Association

Terrace behind Moataz Al Alfi Hall 
Inscription: Larry H. Hyde Terrace 
Donor: Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde

University Auditorium 
Inscription: Bassily Auditorium
Donor: Dr. Sarwat Sabet Bassily

University Conference Hall 
Inscription: Moataz Al Alfi Hall
Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Moataz Al Alfi
VIP Lounge and Executive Meeting Room in Conference and Visitor Center  
Inscription: Mr. and Mrs. Fathi Q. Samarah Lounge
Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Fathi Qasem Samarah

Hon LHD Honorary Degree