AUC Park and Square

Park Square



Inscription: The Allam Amphitheater
In Honor of Dr. Mohamed Abdel Khalek Allam and Mrs. Fawkeya Mahmoud Sadek 
for their Years of Service to AUC (1966-2005) 
Dedicated by Hassan and Jill Dana and Family (Class of '73)
Donors: Mr. Hassan Osman Dana '73

AUC Park 
Inscription: Paul and Charlotte Corddry Park
Donors: Paul I. and Charlotte P. Corddry

AUC Square
Inscription: Bruce L. Ludwig Family Square
Donors: Mr. Bruce L. Ludwig and Mrs. Carolyn K. Ludwig

AUC Square Fountain 
Inscription: Boyd and Mary Kay Hight Fountain
Donors: Boyd and Mary Kay Hight

Inscription: Jim and Mary Claire Bond Courtyard
Donor: Mr. James D. Bond

Courtyard Fountain 
Inscription: In Honor of Dr. Barbara Mertz: Author, Scholar, Friend By Philip and Kathleen Gust
Donors: Mr. Philip and Mrs. Kathleen Gust 

Information Center
Inscription: Dr. Hamza AlKholi Information Center
Donor: Dr. Hamza Bahey El Din Alkholi

Main Building
Inscription: Dr. and Mrs. Elias Hebeka Building
Donor: Dr. and Mrs. Elias K. Hebeka