AUC Center for the Arts



Art Gallery 
Inscription: Sharjah Art Gallery
Donor: Anonymous

Black Box Theater
Inscription: The Gerhart Theater 
Donors: Professor Gail Gerhart and Dr. John D. Gerhart*

Music Room
Inscription: Rashed Fakhro Room 
Donor: Rashed Mohamed Fakhro '67

Music Room
Inscription: Sadko Clean & Green
Donor: Ms. Hadia Sadek Ghabbour '88

Music Room
Inscription: Iman Sadek Ghabbour
Donor: Mrs. Heba Sadek Ghabbour

Performing and Visual Arts Courtyard 
Inscription: In Memory of Christopher Thoron
5th President of AUC (1969-1973) from the Thoron and MacArthur Families
Donors: Mr. and Mrs. William MacArthur; Mrs. Benjamin W. Thoron*

Performing and Visual Arts Theater
Inscription: Malak Gabr Arts Theater
Donor: Mr. Mohamed Shafik Gabr '73