Abdul Latif Jameel Hall

Abdul Latif Jameel


Adham Center
Inscription: Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism 
Donor: Sheikh Faisal Kamal Adham

Classroom 45-seat 
Inscription: Mahmoud Abdel Wahab Saleh Room
Donor: Mr. Mahmoud Abdel Wahab Saleh

Classroom 45-seat in WEL Program
Inscription: Given by Hussein Choucri in Memory of Nahed El Nebei '78
Donor: Mr. Hussein Choucri

Classroom 45-seat 
Inscription: Alcatel - Lucent Room
Donor: Alcatel - Lucent Egypt

Classroom 45-seat 
Inscription: Egyptian Gulf Bank Room
Donor: Egyptian Gulf Bank

Classroom 45-seat 
Inscription: Visa Inc.
Donor: Visa International (Egypt)

Classroom 20-seat in IEEI 
Inscription: Given by Hussein Choucri
Donor: Mr. Hussein Choucri

Classroom 20-seat 
Inscription: Henkel-Egypt Room 
Donor: Henkel-Egypt

Courtyard Fountain 
Inscription: Mountain View Fountain
Donor: Dar Al Mimar Group

Dean's Conference Room
Inscription: The Wahba Room; Josephine Wahba '71; Mourad Magdi Wahba '80, '82; Sadek Magdi Wahba '87
Donors: Sadek '87 and Suzy Wahba

Department of Accounting
Inscription: Youssef Nabih Department of Accounting
Donor: Mr. Youssef Ayyad Nabih

Department of Economics 
Inscription: Mohamed Shafik Gabr Department of Economics
Donor: Mr. Mohamed Shafik Gabr '73

Department of Economics Meeting Room 
Inscription: Adel El-Labban Meeting Room
Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Adel El-Labban '77, '80

Department of Management
Inscription: Heikal Department of Management
Donors: Dr. and Mrs. Ahmed M. Hassanein Heikal

Entrance Fountain 
Inscription: Amr Hassan Helmy Fountain
Donor: Mr. Amr Hassan Helmy

Faculty Office
Inscription: Mr. and Mrs. Hamed El Shiaty and Amira El Shiaty
Donor: Mrs. Amira Hamed El Chiati '85

Journalism and Mass Communication Digital Newsroom 
Inscription: The Linda Vester Digital Newsroom
Donor: Mrs. Linda Joan Vester SP

Journalism and Mass Communication Faculty Office 
Inscription: Salim Nassar '60 Office
Donor: Mr. Salim Nassar '60

Large Courtyard
Inscription: In Honor of Louis Greiss, Prominent Writer and Editor
Given in Gratitude by his Roommate from America 1952-53

Donor: The Reverend Richard A. Lundy SP

Main Building 
Inscription: Abdul Latif Jameel Hall
Donor: Dr. Yousef Abdul Latif Jameel '68 Hon LHD

Hon LHD Honorary Degree
SP Special Program Alumni