Endowed Professorships

AUC draws on the rich experience of world-renowned scholars through a number of endowed professorships. Endowments are contributions from individuals or companies that are put into interest-generating trust funds to provide permanent funding for professorships. These lasting gifts diversify learning opportunities beyond the limits of the normal budget. Endowed professorships at AUC honor established scholars and researchers in fields ranging from engineering and international business to Egyptology and comparative religion. Endowed professors draw on a wealth of experience and expertise, and through teaching, public lectures and academic publications, provide AUC students and the community at large with new insights and a richer academic environment. 

Abdul Latif Jameel Chair in Entrepreneurship

Established in 1993, to recruit a highly qualified professor of management, specializing in entrepreneurship. This chair is in honor of the late Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel of Saudi Arabia, one of AUC’s most important benefactors. Leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship are the hallmarks of AUC’s School of Business, and this chair further reinforces the school's commitment to the development of entrepreneurs in Egypt and the region.

AGIP Professorship in Environmental Engineering

Established in 1994, by AGIP to support a highly qualified scholar in environmental engineering.

BP Egypt Oil Professorship in Management Studies

Established in 1990 and renamed in 2004, to honor established scholars and make it possible for AUC to recruit and retain outstanding professors in the management field. The Amoco chair of management marked the establishment of the first endowed professorship in management at AUC. It was later renamed BP Egypt Oil Professorship in Management Studies following British Petroleum's merge with Amoco in 1998.

CIB Endowed Professorship in Banking

Established in 2013, by the Commercial International Bank (Egypt) to recruit a seasoned scholar or industry leader in banking from Egypt, the United States or elsewhere who can draw on a wealth of experience in researching methods for solutions to the problems of the banking sector. The CIB Endowed Professorship in Banking is designed to expose students to multiple perspectives on retail banking (including concepts of retail banking, types of accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit/credit cards, etc.), challenging their thinking and encouraging new practices that result in superior business leadership.

Egyptian Chair in Coptic Heritage

Established in 2002, by multiple donors to support a professor to teach courses and conduct research in the field of Coptic studies. Funds also strengthen the University’s library holdings and fund specific research projects.

Lisa Anderson Endowed Professorship in Politics and Policy Making

Established in 2015, by multiple donors in honor of AUC previous president Dr. Lisa Anderson to support a professor in the field of politics and policymaking.

Schlumberger Endowed Professorship in Engineering

Established in 1990, by Schlumberger Stichting Foundation to support a high-quality scholar in the field of engineering from Western academia and industry.

Willard W. Brown International Business Leadership Professorship

Established in 2001, by the Brown Family to support a professor who is a recognized authority in the field of international business, for one year. This professorship position aims to draw on a wealth of experience in researching methods for solutions to the problems of multinational business organizations, with particular emphasis on leadership in international trade, finance and marketing, and with a demonstrated understanding of the increasing importance of cross-cultural and international friendship and goodwill. Starting 2018-2019 academic year, the Willard W. Brown International Business Leadership Professorship has been re-imagined as the Willard W. Brown International Business Leadership Seminar Series. The seminar model serves as a platform for renowned international and local business thought leaders to share a wealth of technical knowledge, business acumen, market and/or scholarly expertise with AUC and the local business community. Seminars and other related activities focused on leadership, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, strategy, and international business and trade.