A Bike-Share is a service in which bikes are made available for shared use to individuals on a short term basis for a price or for free. Bike-shares allow people to borrow a bike from a "dock" and return it either to the same dock or at another dock belonging to the same system.

Docks are accommodated with special bike racks that lock the bike, and only release it by computer control. The user enters payment information, and the computer unlocks a bike. The user returns the bike by placing it in the dock, which locks it in place. The AUC bike-share has a smartphone application integrated with AUC Mobile App that shows nearby available bikes, open docks, and allows payment using the AUC Coin System.


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Ready to Ride?


Step 1

Have a valid AUC email address

Step 2

Download the AUC Mobile App and enroll in AUC Coin

Step 3

Locate the bike share program on the AUC Mobile App

Step 4

Read the terms and conditions for Bikie and consent to use of the program


Step 5

Read the bike share prices and select which bike you would like to use

Step 6

Make sure your AUC Coin balance is recharged

Step 7

Now you’re ready to ride

How it Works?



Use the QR code scanner on the AUC Mobile App and scan one of the available bikes. The AUC Mobile App will display the bike type (Bike or E-Bike) and the bike status.



Confirm or choose to scan another bike. If confirmed, the bike will unlock from the station and you can start your ride.



Have fun and stay safe! Follow the rules and regulations posted on the side of the bike station.



When your ride is complete, lock the bike back to a Bikie dock. Then go to the AUC Mobile App and tap “END RIDE”.



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