Bike Share

Bikie is an AUC Bike Share service in which bikes are made available for the AUC Community to share and use for short periods of time to promote community members’ health and well-being through exercise, environmental impact through emissions reduction, as well as endorse community-oriented transportation. Hundreds of universities in the United States and abroad employ bike-share service for their faculty, staff, and students to promote cycling as a viable and sustainable transport option. AUC's ultimate goal is to benefit from the bike-share service through an embodied commitment to sustainable practices, such as the improvement of air quality, the increased accessibility of its campus, and the increased availability of alternative transportation modes in its growing suburban community This project aligns with the AUC’s vision to be “a world‐class University internationally recognized for its leadership and excellence in teaching, research, creative expression and service” through incorporating sustainable services such as a bike-share into its operations. Furthermore, the bike-share project reinforces AUC’s strategic pillars: Quality of Education, Internationalization, AUC Experience, Institutional Effectiveness, and Innovation.

Payment Scheme

Bike Share program, BIKIE, is a paid service in which bikes will be made available for the AUC community to use for short periods of time to facilitate both healthy and environmentally-friendly transportation across campus. BIKIE user will pay through the AUC coin system using the AUC mobile app.

Rides are charged as per the following pricing scheme: An e-bike is charged EGP 1.00 per minute; while a normal bike is charged EGP 0.50 per minute. 

Penalties for any violations are mentioned in the terms and conditions as attached below.    

Project Phases

Phase 1:

There are two stations with each comprising of eight bike racks. The current bike-share system includes 10 bikes, five normal bikes, and five e-bikes electrically-powered. The current two bike-share stations are located directly outside of the sports complex "Sports Center Station" and between the Hatem and Janet Mostafa Core Academic Center and the Administration building "Admin Station." These locations were decided to be of the highest priority via a bike-share committee survey. 

Phase 2:

Dependent upon the success of Phase 1, more bike-share stations will be constructed to serve the greater AUC community.

Accessibility and Safety

Currently, AUC is updating and re-designing bike and pedestrian routes in and around the inner gate of the campus. A well-established consultancy company is already working with the University to facilitate this change to ensure that all bike routes are in line with international codes and that AUC’s project is held to the utmost safety and security standards. Based on data collection and analysis of AUC’s existing status, the consultancy company is formulating a pedestrian and bicycle network plan which encompasses suitability analysis.

Cyclist Safety and Security

Safety and security precautions are of the responsibility of the cyclist. Refer to the terms and conditions below for your own safety while using the bike-share service.

Terms and Conditions

In order to properly use and access the bike-share service, you agree to the following statements: 

  1. You are the sole renter of the bike and are responsible for compliance with all terms and agreements located at the time of joining the program on the AUC mobile app.

  2. The operation or use of any bike and/or e-vehicle by any minor (under 16 years of age) is strictly prohibited.

  3. You agree that it is totally your responsibility to wear a Snell, CPSC, ANSI or ASTM approved helmet that has been properly sized, fitted and fastened according to the manufacturer’s instructions at all times while riding the bike.

  4. You are reasonably competent and physically fit to use a bike and/or e-vehicle. By choosing to use a bike and/or e-vehicle, you assume all risks and responsibilities for any risks and/or medical conditions that may occur.

  5. You agree that all products, including stations, equipment, bikes and/or e-vehicles, are the property of AUC. You must not dismantle, write-on, or otherwise modify, repair of defacing any products. You may not use any products for any advertising or commercial use.

  6. You agree that you will only use the products in areas where the products are allowed by law, rule, regulation, or ordinance. You will use products only in allowed routes and paths and will not use any products in any restricted areas (such as pedestrian paths and vehicle roads). Allowed routes and paths are noted on the map located at the bike-sharing stations

  7. You agree to follow all laws, rules, regulations, and/or ordinances pertaining to the use, riding and/or operation of the products, including, without limitation, helmet laws.

  8. The biking hours will be just during day time.

  9. Just one user on the bike; not allowed to have someone in front or behind.

For the full terms and conditions, click here.

How to use e-Bike?


Bike battery is under the bike seat. Use the battery button to check the battery level. It is recommended to check the battery before using the bike.


Use the green power button to turn e-bike mode on or off.


Use the mode button to control bike speed. There is a speed level indicator that shows active speed mode.


There is another battery level indicator on handlebars, but it only works when power is on.


Use green-horn button to keep the bike siren.


Use red flash button to toggle flashlight on or off.