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USAID Scholars Activity 

University Scholarships in Egypt

The USAID Scholars Activity, implemented by The American University in Cairo, offers a number of opportunities for four or five years of university scholarships (which may be preceded by a preliminary year in case of joining AUC or Zewail City for Sciences, Technology and Innovation) depending on the specialization/major of study. The program will be offered to approximately 140 students in the academic year 2022-2023 to obtain bachelor's degrees at a number of Egyptian public and private universities. Program participants will be selected to study in fee-based/credit-hour system distinguished programs administered in English based on the strength and quality of the application form and they have to meet the prospective university admission criteria.

In particular, the program aims to support the economic, social and environmental development plans in Egypt by focusing on university studies in the fields of water, energy, agriculture and nursing by providing university education opportunities based on the foundations of knowledge, innovation and scientific research and characterized by excellence, experimental education, entrepreneurship and good preparation for the job market. The program additionally avails opportunities for students to do scientific research that will create a positive and effective impact for the students themselves (females, males as well as those with disabilities), for the participating educational institutions and for Egyptian society as a whole.

Participating Universities

  • The American University in Cairo
  • Cairo University
  • Ain Shams University
  • Alexandria University
  • Assiut University
  • Mansoura University
  • Zewail City for Sciences, Technology and Innovation
  • Al-Alamein International University
  • Badr University in Cairo

Program Goals

  • Enable underprivileged students with exceptional academic potential to enroll in and excel through better academic opportunities
  • Increase Egyptian students’ access to higher educational opportunities, especially in fields that are offered in English and follow the fee-based credit-hour system
  • Enable students with exceptional academic potential and have physical disabilities to have access to more university education opportunities
  • Improve the students’ English language skills required to facilitate the learning process and to prepare them for the labor market requirements in Egypt
  • Offer the opportunity for some students to study in some US universities for one semester or one summer semester
  • Provide a number of opportunities for students to work on developing ideas and innovative projects and turn them into real-life projects
  • Contribute to increasing post-graduation job opportunities through the enhancement of their business, leadership, and other skills required by the labor market
  • Enhance scholarship students’ leadership skills and commitment towards their societies and country in order to prepare them to be future leaders and advocates for the development of their local communities
  • Enable students to participate in and benefit from internships and funding opportunities for innovative projects through private sector organizations
  • Provide residence or residence allowance (as needed and in compliance with scholarship criteria)

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student must be Egyptian
  • The student has to have been enrolled in a public, experimental or STEM school throughout all secondary education years
  • Students must obtain a secondary school certificate (Thanaweya Amma) in the school year 2021-2022, first exam round
  • Students must obtain a total score not less than 85% from public schools, experimental schools or their equivalent in STEM schools
  • The scholarship accepts only students who graduated in the science and math sections
  • The scholarship accepts students from the Arts section only if they are with disabilities
  • Students must submit all required family financial documents
  • Active participation in extracurricular activities such as volunteering and development/community service
  • Students should have leadership potential
  • Students with disabilities: Must have the minimum technological knowledge to handle educational tools that should aid them in the learning process. A psychological and educational certificate must be submitted                              

Application Form  Frequently Asked Questions  أسئلة متكررة  عن البرنامج

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