Strategy Management and Institutional Effectiveness (SMIE) organizes a number of annual assessment and institutional effectiveness workshops. The sessions emphasize the importance of the institutional effectiveness process, and how it can inform decision-making and continuous improvement of the University.

These workshops include:

1. Strategic Planning and Assessment workshops designed to help department heads, faculty, and staff (strategic planning coordinators and assessment coordinators) enhance the quality of their strategic plans, assess the progress towards their strategic goals using direct and indirect assessment measures, analyze results, and use results for continuous improvement.

2. Academic Program Assessment workshop designed to help department heads and faculty (academic assessment coordinators) enhance their assessment plans including appropriate direct and indirect measures to assess program learning outcomes, and how to “close the loop” by using assessment results for decision-making and continuous improvement.

3. ePortfolios as a Single Assessment Tool for all your program learning outcomes! ePortfolios are increasingly being adopted by higher educational institutions for their versatility and effectiveness in demonstrating student development and mastery of the course and program learning outcomes (Benander, Robles, Brawn, and Refaei, 2016). Furthermore, ePortfolios are considered to be a High Impact Practice (HIP), as they allow for deep student learning by increasing student engagement. This presentation will discuss how ePortfolios can be used as an effective assessment tool, both as a direct and indirect assessment method, to assess all your program learning outcomes. Participants will leave with a better understanding of and guidelines on how to use ePortfolios effectively in their own settings.