Institutional Learning Outcomes

Using AUC’s mission statement as a guide, the University developed a set of key institutional learning outcomes for all undergraduate students. Through their courses of study, AUC graduates should attain proficiency in:

Professional Skills


AUC graduates will synthesize discipline-based knowledge with a broad-based liberal arts education. They will be proficient in the tools of their discipline as well as the tools of research and learning; make decisions that reflect the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior and understand the importance of life-long learning.

Advanced Communication Skills 

 AUC graduates will be fluent in English and will be able to write and speak effectively in a variety of settings. AUC graduates will be able to communicate in Arabic, establish rapport in groups, be adaptable to new circumstances, work both independently and in collaboration with others and function effectively as leaders.

Critical Thinking 

AUC graduates will be independent learners, adept at using current technologies to access information and applying strong quantitative, analytical, and critical thinking skills to analyze and synthesize complex information to solve problems. 


Cultural Competence



AUC graduates will have an understanding and appreciation of Egyptian and Arab culture and heritage, as well as an understanding of international interdependence, cultural diversity, and consideration for values and traditions that may differ from their own. In addition, AUC graduates will have an aesthetic awareness of the various modes of human artistic expression and will be able to collaborate effectively in a multicultural context. 

Effective Citizenship

AUC graduates will value service to their local community and to broader causes at the national and international levels.