Formative Assessment


Given that AUC has now moved to online instruction, CLT has sent out emails to all faculty who had requested Mid-Semester Assessments (MSA) to indicate whether they're still interested to go forward with their requests. Faculty who requested Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGIDs) are offered to have online surveys instead. Note that the MSA closure date is April 9, 2020. If you have any questions, email

Programs and Services

CLT offers a variety of assessment services to help faculty members gain insights on the effectiveness of their teaching. Examples of assessments include Mid-Semester Assessment (MSA), Classroom Action Research (CAR), assessment of course pilots and new programs, focus groups and in-class observations.

Send an email to or drop by CLT premises for a consultation, where a member of the CLT educational development and assessment team would help you with your request.

All research by AUC faculty, students and staff require IRB approval through AUC's IRB office even if it will occur outside Egypt. Besides, all research done at AUC or supported by AUC must receive IRB approval even if the principal investigator (PI) is not affiliated with AUC. For more information, check the AUC IRB website.

  • All CLT assessments are confidential and are only shared with the course instructor.
  • Faculty members are always welcome for pre and post assessment consultations.