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Tailored Assessments

CLT offers tailored assessments for departments, programs and courses upon request, CLT designs and selects assessment tools for each request based on the purpose of the assessment. Among other things, assessments are tailored to assess new/pilot courses, newly adopted pedagogies and technologies in the classroom, student engagement, program learning outcomes, and newly launched programs.

Below are examples of tailored assessments that CLT carried out.

Assessment of Pilot Advanced Courses for ELI and RHET, Spring 2022

Upon the request of the Chair of the Department of English Language Instruction, CLT has carried out an assessment of ENG0210A; a vari§ation of ENG0210 for a more advanced profile of students. The assessment consisted of two parts: (A) two online focus groups and (B) an online survey for students who completed ENG0210 in the last semester and were then enrolled in RHET1010. The purpose of the assessment was to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the course and assess its impact on preparing students for RHET1010.

Assessment of Business Cooperative Education Course, Spring 2022

CLT worked with Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Meguid, Associate Professor of Accounting at the School of Business to conduct an assessment of the Cooperative Education Course pilot launch. The purpose of the assessment was to identify the current strengths and challenges of the course to help improve the learning experience for future students as well as explore opportunities for creating similar courses across different schools and departments at AUC.


Assessment of Large Lecture Model in the School of Business, Spring 2017

The purpose of this assessment was to gain insights into the effectiveness of the large lecture model in ECON 2011, ECON 2021 and FINC 2101 courses. CLT carried out observations of lectures, Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGIDs) with students, a faculty survey and a focus group with Teaching Fellows. CLT also prepared a report of the results and recommendations.