Thesis Submission

1. The finalized thesis or dissertation, approved by the thesis supervisor and examiners/readers, must be submitted by email as an attachment to the student's graduate program.  The file name for the thesis/dissertation file should be as follows: first name_other name_last name_thesis (Example: sara_ibrahim_mohamed_thesis). All words in the file name should be in lower-case letters, with an underscore (_) between words and no spaces. The thesis should be submitted as one file, however in the event that related files must be submitted, they should be named in a similar way. 
2. The student must collect from their department the signature page of their thesis or dissertation after it has been signed and approved by their School's Dean, in the week following the submission of their thesis or dissertation.

3. The student must then upload the final version of their thesis or dissertation (and any associated files, for example datasets) to AUC Knowledge Fountain (FOUNT) with digital copies of the completed and signed signature page, IRB approval form (where needed) and submission form. Submitting these completed forms is required, and these files should be named in similar fashion to your thesis file. After submitting these to FOUNT the student will receive email confirmation of the submission. 

Submission to AUC Knowledge Fountain (FOUNT)

Graduate Studies Forms