Support Grants FAQs

When and how can I apply for a Graduate Students Support Grant?

There are four cycles for application during an academic year. The deadline for each of the cycles is specified on this website and in the guidelines. The application must be conducted through the online system for the Graduate Students Support Grants. The system can be accessed from the icon “Apply Here” on this website. The system is accessible 10 days before each deadline for students to access it and complete an application.

How can I access the online system for Graduate Students Support Grants?

The online system can be accessed from the icon "Apply Here" on this website. You log on using your AUC email credentials.

Can I apply when the required supporting documents are not ready?

Supporting documents are needed for an application. However, in case some of these documents are not available at the time of the application, indicate so in the application. In the case of positive evaluation, awarded support can only be dispersed after all the required documents are submitted.

How many support grants can I be awarded?

Check the guidelines.

Can I hold different types of grants simultaneously?

Students can hold a conference and research grants simultaneously, and a conference and study abroad grant simultaneously. It is not possible to hold more than one conference grant simultaneously, nor hold research and a study abroad grant simultaneously. Refer to the guidelines.

Can I conduct research, go to a conference or a study abroad, then apply for a support grant later?

Retroactive applications for support grants are not possible. You must plan ahead and apply for a support grant in an application cycle that ends before the date of your proposed activity. No reimbursement of expenses is possible.

I have obtained support for an activity that entails travel. How do I go about for the purchase of the air tickets?

In case the support you were awarded includes coverage or partial coverage of travel expenses (this would be specified in your award letter), you will need to contact the AUC Travel Office to arrange the purchase of your ticket through them. It is not possible for you to use this support to obtain a ticket elsewhere. If the support you were awarded does not include coverage of travel expenses, you are free to purchase your ticket as you wish.

I want to attend a conference in which I will not be presenting a paper. Is it possible to apply for and obtain support for this?

Support for attending conferences is for the purpose of presenting your work as a paper at the conference. In case you are not presenting a paper, support from AUC cannot be awarded.

Is it possible to apply for and obtain support for presenting a paper at the conference together with fellow students co-authoring the paper, or together with my supervisor co-authoring the paper?

Support cannot be provided to multiple authors on the same paper. Support can only be provided to one of the authors.

I have applied for a support grant to attend a conference. However, I received an acceptance in a better conference. Can I use the awarded support of the first conference to attend the second one?

No, you cannot. Support is specific to the applicant delivering a specific paper at a specific conference. A change in any of these (presenter of the paper, the paper to be presented, or the event) would require a new application for support to a subsequent cycle.

I have the opportunity to attend a workshop or be part of a competition. Can I apply for a Graduate Students Support Grant to this end?

No, you cannot. Graduate Students Support Grants are to possibly support either the attendance of a recognized conference for the purpose of presenting a paper, research conducted as part of the Master or PhD program, or a study abroad period, as specified in the guidelines.

I have applied for a support grant, and the award letter specified that the awarded support is less than what I asked for. Is there a mistake?

Graduate Students Support Grants are very competitive, and support is not guaranteed. The Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies strives to provide as much support to as many applicants with positive evaluations as possible. However, it is often not possible to award all the requested support, and the support provided represents a contribution towards the expenses specified.

My application was successful in obtaining support. However, due to reasons beyond my control, I am not able to conduct the activity for which I obtained the support. What do I do?

You need to inform the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies about this as soon as you realize you are not able to use the awarded support. In case you have obtained the funds, these need to be reimbursed (Contact the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies to be guided through the process you need to follow).

If I can not conduct the activity for which I obtained support, and I decline this support, would this adversely impact my future prospects of obtaining support again?

No, it would not.

What is required from me after I make use of a support grant awarded to me?

Within four weeks of completing the activity for which you were awarded a support grant (e.g. after a conference, after the completion of your research, or after the completion of your study abroad period) you must submit a technical report on the activity and a financial report accounting for the expenditure of the support you obtained. Refer to the guidelines for details on reporting requirements. Reporting on a previous grant is a condition for possibly obtaining subsequent support.

Awarded funds remain unused after the completion of my activity. What do I do with them?

Any unused funds from awarded support must be returned back to AUC. Contact the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies to be guided through the process to follow for returning any unused funds.