Award Administration

Award Administration

The office of sponsored programs (OSP) assists in administering awards and insure that sponsor guidelines are followed carefully and that the reporting deadlines are met. Failure to adhere to the sponsor's requirements can be grounds for immediate termination of the award by the sponsor. 

Negotiation and Acceptance of the Award

Before accepting an award on behalf of the University, the office of sponsored programs will review its terms and conditions and will negotiate favorable terms and appropriate remedies if the award’s conditions are incompatible with University policies or if the agreement falls short of the agreed upon proposal.

Award Documentation

As soon as agreement is reached with the sponsor, the office of sponsored programs will prepare an Award Approval Form (AAF). The AAF will summarize contractual and budgetary information, payment terms and other important conditions. The office of sponsored programs will send the AAF to the Principal Investigator (PI) to sign, and to secure the signatures of the center director or department chair, and dean indicating their approval. The PI should return the signed AAF to the office of sponsored programs to continue the approval process.  Following acceptance of an award, the office of sponsored programs will distribute a document very similar to the AAF, entitled Award Summary.


The Board of Trustees has authorized the President and the Provost to sign contracts that legally bind the University. Faculty members, department chairs, center directors, and deans are not authorized to sign unless they have specific written delegation from the President. Please be careful that you do not accidentally sign a legal document, unless you are authorized and required to do so. OSP will insure that proper signatures are in place for you.

Administering the Award   The technical requirements, day to day administration, and financial management of the project as well as keeping the department chair and dean appraised of progress and any problems, are the responsibilities of the PI. During the course of the project, the PI will work with the office of sponsored programs and the Grants Accounting (GA), as well as other AUC support offices to manage and help with all aspects of project implementation.      

Principal Investigator Handbook

This handbook is designed to help Principal Investigators (PIs) administer sponsored projects at AUC.

  • Click here to download the new PI handbook (updated October 2017).

NOTE: Please download the file then open it from the Adobe PDF viewer (Do not open the file from the internet browser).

Previous Fiscal Year Awards List This list is updated annually.

The office of sponsored programs reports the external funding received by AUC on an annual basis. The funding, which supports research, training and public service projects, is reported each year in the University's President's Report.