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Principal Investigator Support Unit

The PISU is the structured body responsible for the financial and logistical management of grants received by AUC and processed by the Office of Sponsored Programs. The PISU offers high-quality services while operating in accordance with AUC and the sponsors’ policies and procedures, standards of ethics, and integrity.


The Principal Investigator Support Unit's mission is to assist principal investigators (PIs) in quality management of sponsored programs grants’ budgets through handling related financial and logistical aspects; while providing a highly customer-oriented and optimized level of service, and ensuring compliance with the sponsor requirements as well as AUC policies and procedures.


To grow into a highly recognized center of expertise and excellence in grants budget management and establish a leading role for the Unit within AUC and the region.


  • Customer-Centered Service
  • Expertise
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Planning the grant’s activities financial needs with the PIs, and coordinating with other AUC partner departments to fulfill them throughout the project life-cycle
  • Financial management and implementation of the project in accordance with sponsor requirements
  • Initiating transactions, and handling related logistics such as, but not limited to, compensation, purchases, travel
  • Tracking and controlling expenditures versus budget
  • Financial/budget analysis and re-budgeting as needed
  • Ensuring that cost-sharing or matching commitments are fulfilled and reported in a timely manner
  • Preparing informal financial progress reports and reviewing the official draft reports prepared by GAS
  • Coordinating and liaising with OSP, GAS, and other partner departments throughout the entire process

PISU Workflow Process Manual

This document describethe PISU role and work process with PIs, and other partner departments, to help them in the administration of sponsored projects at AUC. Download the PISU workflow process manual here.

Approval Queues Form

Download the approval queues form here.

Project Activities Timeline
Download the project activities timeline here.

Purchasing Plan
Download the purchasing plan form here.

Staffing Plan
Download the staffing plan form here.

Meet the Team

Dina Adly 
Associate Provost
t: +20.2.2615.2363

Rehane Sarhan
Senior Director
t: +20.2.2615.2348

Mariam Dawoud
Senior Officer
t: +20.2.2615.1851

Salma Shaker
Senior Officer
t: +20.2.2615.2135

Samia Wissa
Senior Officer
t: +20.2.2615.2372

Yasmine Aly
Senior Officer
t: +20.2.2615.2132

Marian Georgy 
Administrative Assistant
t: +20.2.2615.2134