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Sponsored Programs

Sponsored programs are externally funded projects to support the University functions, public service, research, academic support, instruction, institutional support, fellowships, scholarships and awards, that are sponsored, or funded, by external sponsors, such as a federal, state, or public/international/private organizations or agencies. 

30 Years of Service

AUC is currently managing a portfolio of around 200 awards for a total value of $100M


Initial Development of the Research Proposal

Sponsored research projects stem from research ideas. The process of producing a proposal for a research project begins with having a research idea/goal(s), then setting objectives for reaching the goal(s) and having methods to carry out the objectives.

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Development of the Research Proposal

Sponsor guidelines for funding applications vary widely, therefore, we work on the proposal with the principal investigator, making sure all the sponsors and AUC’s requirements are addressed.

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Award Administration

Terms and conditions of the grant are reviewed. We acquaint principle investigators with grant management techniques, negotiate favorable terms making sure that the award's conditions are compatible with University policies.

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Administrative Offices

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs represents the University in its dealings with external sponsors. The office assists faculty members in identifying potential funding sources, as well as developing and submitting proposals.

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Contact Us

Office of Sponsored Programs
Administration Building, Room G005, Ground Floor, AUC New Cairo
Sunday - Thursday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm