Coaching for Learning and Success

The Coaching for Learning and Success Unit (CLAS) seeks to increase student wellbeing and advises, guides, and supports students to succeed in their academic endeavors, especially those facing academic difficulties. The unit offers academic skill enhancement workshops, peer and professional guidance and support, and individual sessions to assist students with serious academic challenges that may jeopardize their academic status.


Statistics show that students who have been coached show an increase in their grade point average (GPA) or other improvements in performance.

The CLAS unit offers the following services to students:

Individual Meeting: Addresses student academic difficulty by designing a plan to meet each individual's unique needs and following up on progress workshops.

Workshops: Academic skill enhancement workshops, as well as emotional intelligence workshops, are offered weekly to any interested student throughout the year. 

Peer Coaching: Peer coaching is a service offered to interested students (on academic probation or with other needs) who wish to be paired with an older, more experienced student for general guidance and support. Peer coaches volunteer their time to help students with their academics, supporting University-level functioning, and helping other students develop the skills to overcome academic challenges. Students are encouraged to maintain regular contact with their peer coach through daily phone calls, emails and weekly informal meetings. This helps guide the student in day-to-ay activities and in fulfilling University requirements, thus facilitating successful academic performance. 

Email Support: Students may email their coaching-related questions to and receive a prompt reply with useful feedback.

Online Skills Assessment: Students may assess their academic skills in various areas and receive individualized feedback regarding possible improvement in the following areas:

Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test

Note Taking Skills Assessment

Study Skills Assessment

Time Management Skills Assessment

Tips for Academic Success

Effective tips for studying and scoring well on exams and assignments.

Learn the formula for being an "A" student.


The Coaching for Learning and Success Unit is very helpful to all students in all majors and throughout the years of study, but it is especially useful for students who are:

On academic probation.

Referred by faculty or staff members or other departments for academic difficulty.

Self-referred for personal academic concerns.

Interested in enhancing their academic skills.

Enrolled in scholarship programs.

Enrolled in writing program (ENG 0210).

First-year students.