Retirees Perquisites

AUC Retiree

A staff who is eligible to receive the benefits mentioned in this section upon obtaining a retiree ID. Eligible staff for the below benefits are the ones who have worked at the University for 10 years or more and who have reached the retirement age in alignment with the applicable laws.

Process of obtaining a retiree ID:

  • The retired staff member will present his/her AUC ID to the Staff Shared Service Center (SSC) at the Office of Human Resources
  • The SSC representative at the Office of Human Resources will hand the retiree a form to be submitted to the ID section to issue a retiree ID
  • Upon visiting the ID section, and presenting the relevant HR form, a new retiree ID will be issued

Upon issuing the retiree’s ID card, the retiree will be entitled to a number of privileges as per below:

Library Privilege

  1. The retiree ID card grants the retiree all on-site library access privileges.
  2. The retiree ID card does not grant the privilege of borrowing books or remote use of the Library’s electronic resources.
  3. The retiree ID card is not transferable to other persons. Anyone allowing another person to use their library card; will have it revoked.

Medical Services

  1. Qualified retired staff are eligible for the AUC Clinic services in case of medical emergencies that takes place inside campuses.
  2. Qualified retired staff members who are part of the international health coverage currently maintained by Cigna are eligible to use the AUC Clinic services subject to the terms and conditions governing such coverage that may change from time to time.

Staying Updated with University News/Events

Any retiree can subscribe to the weekly News@AUC newsletter which highlights AUC news, success stories and featured events or the weekly Happening@AUC newsletter highlighting upcoming events by clicking here.

Athletic Office Services

Sports facilities are accessible to eligible retirees with valid retiree ID and their dependents(s) who are reflected on the HR records, at the same cost charged to current employees.

Access to AUC Campuses

Eligible retirees who have a valid retiree ID are permitted to enter the AUC campuses subject to AUC access to campus rules that may change from time to time.

Office of Transportation Services

Eligible retirees who have a valid retiree ID are entitled to use AUC bus services according to AUC transportation policies that may change from time to time.

Education Benefit

For education benefit covering retiree’s dependents, click here.