Official Holidays

National, International and Non-Compensatory Holidays

AUC respects all official Egyptian government holidays covered by presidential decrees as well as some Western and Eastern religious holidays, along with some American national holidays.

Accordingly, AUC provides the following holidays for all personnel:

  • The first three days of the Ramadan Bairam (Eid El Fitr) holiday
  • The first five days of the Qurban Bairam (Eid El Adha)
  • The El Mawled El Nabawi holiday
  • Holy Thursday
  • Palm Sunday and Western Easter
  • Eastern Easter
  • Sham El Nessim holiday
  • April 25, Sinai Liberation day
  • May 1, Workers’ day
  • June 30, Revolution day
  • July 23, Revolution day
  • The Islamic New Year holiday
  • October 6, National day
  • American Thanksgiving day
  • December 24 and 25, Western Christmas
  • January 1, Western New Year
  • January 7, Eastern Christmas
  • Eastern Baptism day
  • January 25, Revolution day/National Police day

Educational Institution Holidays

It should be noted that there are several holidays declared in the country covering only educational institutions. These holidays represent days on which academic classes are discontinued and do not cover administrative or other non-faculty staff members. AUC also makes this distinction.

Non-Compensatory Holidays

If any holiday falls on a normal university weekend, employees are not entitled to any compensatory holiday.

Official National Holidays

An employer must pay the employee fully for national vacations not exceeding 13 days. However, an employer has the right to ask an employee to work during the national vacations for which the employee will be entitled to a doubling of his wage.