Center for Learning and Teaching Workshops - Fall 22 and Spring 23

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Professional Engagement Pathway III: Designing Innovative and Engaging Student Learning Experiences

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Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Assessment & Academic Integrity

Explore the ways generative Artificial Intelligence technologies may impact the future of assessment.

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Sustaining Community in and out of the Classroom

Participants explored digital platforms that enhance community building in and out of the classroom.

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Tools for In-class Engagement with Hands-on Practice

Participants will explore different ways of engaging all students for formative assessment, along with opportunities for hands-on practice on particular tools.

Professional Engagement Pathway IV: Invigorate your Classroom: Strategies for Student Engagement and Feedback

CLT Dual Delivery

Classroom Assessment Techniques

This workshop will discuss the benefits and challenges of using CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques). Participants will also take the Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI) using a course they teach. 

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Interactive Teaching Strategies

Building on the symposium "teaching strategies jam" workshop, we will explore ideas around how to intentionally leverage interactive teaching strategies to create an effective and engaging student learning experience.

Stand-Alone Workshops

CLT Smart Classrooms

A Conversation around Artificial Intelligence

Community Circle for an open conversation around Artificial Intelligence and its impact on teaching and learning. View Recording

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Artificial Intelligence and how to Navigate your Teaching

In this session, participants will have an opportunity to explore available Artificial Intelligence tools and discuss the ways in which they may adapt their teaching practices accordingly. Workshop 1 Recording Workshop 1 (Repeat) Recording Workshop 2 Recording Workshop 2 (Repeat) Recording

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Practical Tips for Inclusive Education

This introductory workshop offers a variety of practical tips to increase inclusivity in classroom settings and for students with disabilities.


Overcoming Barriers to Inclusion: AUC Faculty Perspective

This workshop counts towards the "Inclusive Learning: Designing for Student Success" professional engagement pathway.

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Fostering Inclusive Classrooms

This workshop is for faculty members who would like to integrate more gender equity into their courses intentionally.



CLT workshops

Practical Tips for Inclusive Education

This workshop offers a variety of practical tips to increase inclusivity in classroom settings in general, and for students with specific disabilities, such as the visually impaired, hard of hearing, or those who have ADHD or autism, as well as hidden and undiagnosed learning difficulties. 

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Community Circle - Teaching Strategies

Faculty will explore some of the key pillars of the Campus Program frameworks that aim to support mental-health and well-being for academic success. Participants will develop or redesign student-centered and faculty enabled activities for use in the classroom.  

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Jessamyn Neuhaus

Invited Speaker - Jessamyn Neuhaus

Invited Speaker - Jessamyn Neuhaus Exhausted Experts and Burned-Out Beginners: Mitigating the Diminishing Returns on Pandemic Pedagogical Learning for Teaching  

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The Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a scientifically valid framework for guiding educators to create learning environments that are inclusive and responsive to today’s diverse learners and classrooms. In this session, participants will review UDL fundamental principles.

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Flexibility with Boundaries

This faculty conversation focuses on promoting student accountability and academic rigor while still supporting students with varying circumstances to succeed by balancing flexibility/compassion with boundaries.   

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Advancing Liberal Education Values

This workshop focuses on developing gender-sensitive teaching and course development as part of respect for the equality and dignity of all. The workshop is open to faculty from all disciplines who want to learn how to create a classroom atmosphere that supports gender equality.

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Facilitation of Effective Group Work

In this workshop, faculty will explore the different ways in which group work can be (re)designed to ensure all students participate and achieve the intended learning outcomes. 

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Alternative Assessments

This workshop invites participants to consider ways to enhance the learning value of assessments, in order to ensure assessments achieve their purpose. We will explore elements such as intrinsic motivation, feedback, pacing, approaches to grading, and attitudes toward failure.

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clt design thinking

Design Thinking & Foundations of Challenge Based Learning

The aim of this workshop is to expose participants to a range of design thinking strategies and tools that can help create a participatory, high-impact, and memorable learning experience. This workshop will be interactive and practical, focusing on design thinking techniques, tools.

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CBL Daylong Institute

Community-based Learning (CBL) or Service Learning is an experiential learning approach that aims at fulfilling learning outcomes by involving students in service to a community in need of this service. The service component is essentially derived from at least one-course learning outcome.

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Teaching at AUC

This certificate is offered to all AUC faculty as part of the teaching and learning mentorship program and is required for all new adjunct faculty. The full program includes high-impact practices in student engagement, active learning strategies, and Classroom Assessment Techniques.

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Turnitin Refresher Session (offered 2 times)

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) is offering a refresher session to refresh your memory on the different Turnitin features and usage within your course(s), and brief you on some Turnitin updates. 

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Exploring the Digital Literacies Toolkit

In this session, participants will get a chance to discover the Digital Literacies Toolkit, and take time to explore what is already on the Toolkit, as well as give feedback on possible gaps and identify areas where they may wish to contribute their own material.