Financial Aid Tips

  1. Make sure to press the submit button. Students must click on the submit button after filling out their application and every time they log in to view/edit their application; otherwise, their application will be considered incomplete.
  2. Make sure to upload all of your required supporting documents before submitting your application on your Banner Self-Service. Otherwise, your application will not be evaluated. Any application with any missing document will not be accepted.
  3. The financial aid application covers one academic year (fall and spring semesters). Both undergraduate and graduate students who successfully submit financial aid applications in the fall semester do not need to re-apply in the spring semester. For those who apply in the spring, their financial aid decisions will be limited to the spring semester only, and they will need to renew their award for the next academic year.
  4. Students who wish to renew their previous award should only fill out the renewal form available on Banner Self-Service.
  5. Do not type in Arabic while filling out the application, as the system accepts Arabic but it does not process it.
  6. Make sure to provide all figures of income and expenses in Egyptian pounds and to calculate them annually except for the fields that require monthly figures.
  7. Make sure to apply before the announced deadlines are posted on the website.