Required Financial Documents for Undergraduate Students

Make sure to upload all of your required supporting documents before submitting your application. 

Failure to upload ALL of your required documents will result in discarding your application.

For Income

  1. HR letter of father/mother with net annual income for the prior year (from January 1 - December 31) after deducting taxes and social insurance if father/ mother are employedThe letter must clearly state all variables (e.g. bonus, profit shares, and others). Any loan payments should not be deducted from the father’s annual income. Monthly salary statements or monthly pay slips are not accepted.
  2. Official statement of father/mother pension if father/mother is retired.
  3. Business or clinic net annual income/loss statement from the certified public accountant (CPA) for prior year if father/mother are self-employed after deducting taxes and business-related expenses.
  4. Updated rental contract of real estate generating income.
  5. Handwritten declaration confirming total family savings (both mother and father) and annual interest generated. No bank statements are required.

For Family Expenses

  1. Loans or installments statement, including the schedule of payments and maturity date
  2. Siblings' school/university enrollment letter, clearly stating their annual tuition and bus fees for the prior year. Payment receipts are not valid.
  3. Up to date residence rental contract if family is living abroad.
  4. Medical reports and medical payment receipts and/or insurance premium. 

Other Required Documents:

  1. Up-to-date statement from the social insurance office to prove unemployment status if father/mother is unemployed. A copy of their national ID is not valid.
  2. Proof of unpaid leave for mother/father.
  3. Divorce certificate.
  4. Death certificate.