CAASIC Short-Term Programs' Details

Eligibility, Application and Selection Process

Each applicant, alongside filling a CASA@AUC application form, should submit an electronic portfolio including the following:

  1. Results of the ACTFL examination, in reading, listening and writing; showing that the applicant has scored an advanced level of Arabic language proficiency. The exam results should not be 3 months older than the date of application.
  2. A statement of purpose in which the applicant expresses their degree of interest in CASA@AUC and commitment to the field of Arabic Language and Middle Eastern Studies.
  3. Three references, two of which are provided by previous language instructors and one from an academic professor who can judge his scholarly or academic competency in general.
  4. Applicants’ transcripts.

Assessment of the Applicant’s Portfolio

  1. The Department of Arabic Language Instruction (ALI) chair invites and forms the CASA@AUC selection committee. The committee is formed of four to five members including ALI chair, CASA@AUC executive director, two senior instructors and two external experts from AUC partner universities.
  2. Upon receiving the ACTFL results, the selection committee decides the cutoff score for eligibility.
  3. Electronic portfolios of those above the cut off score are shared among the selection committee members to rate, two weeks before they convene to discuss and norm their ratings.
  4. Each of the above-mentioned portfolio components are evaluated and rated by each member of the selection committee. The ACTFL score is given 10 points, the statement of purpose 10 points, and the letters of recommendation and transcripts are given 10 points. The statement of purpose must clearly demonstrate the candidate's long-term commitment to the field of Middle East Studies, and interest in teaching the Arabic Language.
  5. A ranking for each applicant is determined and applicants are chosen accordingly. 
  6. CASA@AUC communicates with applicants seeking confirmation of those accepted and apologizing to those who were not.
  7. Upon receipt of confirmation from finalists, the CASA@AUC office starts the preparation for arrival procedures including asking students for their itineraries, issuing ID numbers, meet and assist requests, information about AUC housing, AUC email for communication, visa information announcing the date for International student orientation as well as CASA@AUC academic program orientations etc.
  8. A date is also set for the oral Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) placement interview.

Language Pledge

All CASA@AUC scholars will be required to abide by an Arabic-only speaking policy on campus and off-campus as much as possible.

Selection Exam

Applicants are required to send their scores in the following four skills after they sit for The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) exam.

Oral Proficiency Interview on Computer
Writing Proficiency Test
Reading Proficiency Test
Listening Proficiency Test
Arabic Exams Instructions

For technical support during the exam, email

The ACTFL selection exam provides the selection committee with a comprehensive measure of the applicant's current level of proficiency in Arabic. It helps to place them in the appropriate class if they are accepted into the program.

Pay-Your-Own-Way (PYOW)

The Pay-Your-Own-Way (PYOW) option is available to qualified students who are willing and able to provide funds for all expenses associated with their program of study (CASA@AUC/CAASIC). We encourage you to apply for outside funding. 

Select the PYOW option on the application form if you have other funding or are applying for other funding. All CASA@AUC/CAASIC applicants, must follow the same procedures to be considered for the program and are evaluated in the same way. Once the AUC Selection Committee has made selections, we will confirm with anyone who indicated PYOW status and determine whether they have been able to secure outside funding.

PYOW Expenses for CASA@AUC/CAASIC applicants for 2022-2023 program costs and expenses are subject to change for each year.

Accommodation and Housing

Selected scholars can choose to stay at AUC housing. Contact AUC Housing for more information.

For inquiries and questions, contact the Department of Arabic Language Instruction chair Iman Soliman or executive director Heba Salem or email

Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline: March 20
Entrance Exam: Complete the test and send the scores to us  before March 20
Acceptance Emails: April 15
Finalists Confirmation: May 1
Arrival to Cairo: May 27 to June 2
Orientation Day: June 5

Exit Exam

All CASA@AUC scholars are AUC scholars and will be required to participate at an end-of-full-year ACTFL exit exam. This exam is no substitute for regular quizzes or end-of-semester achievement exams/projects.

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures and Medical Insurance For All Programs

All international students will be required to buy AUC’s medical insurance. For more details, click here. These risks inherent in studying at AUC or anywhere abroad under current conditions, despite the US Department of State’s warning to American citizens to avoid all travel abroad, include the risks of contracting the COVID-19 contagion or other diseases; inadequate local medical care; the lack of availability of convenient return travel to the US; sudden changes in Government of Egypt requirements; and others. For travel guidelines, check travel guidelines during COVID-19. Keep informed of AUC’s precautionary measures by checking the Return to campus guidelines and COVID-19 updates.

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