Spring 2021 Campus Guidelines

February 16, 2021

Dear AUC Community,

As the University prepares to resume the previously planned hybrid model for the spring semester on March 1, 2021, I am pleased to share our updated COVID-19 Campus Guidelines booklet for Spring 2021. While we prepare for an increased level of campus presence, we continue to focus on ensuring the health and safety of our community throughout the pandemic. 

This updated guide outlines how our campuses will operate, which services will be available, and the mitigation efforts against the spread of the virus. The guidelines are also now available on the AUC mobile app for easy reference. 

The following are key takeaways from the booklet:

Daily Self-Check

As a reminder, you will need to complete the online health check before you come to campus to be granted access. You will need to show a green face result to the security guard at the gate to be allowed on campus. A red face result means that you should not come to campus and should stay home. You will be contacted by the medical team for follow-up. You must complete the daily self-check not more than three hours before your arrival on campus. 

The link to the health check is available on the AUC website here. 

Access Guidelines on AUC App

To download the AUC mobile app, go to this webpage which includes instructions on how to download the app.

Campus Access for Students 

Only students who meet one of the below criteria will have access to campus. Make sure to carefully check which days you are allowed to come to campus, based on face-to-face classes or specific authorizations.

(1)  Students registered in a class that is meeting face-to-face that day

(2) Graduate students enrolled in thesis courses  

(3) Students residing in the AUC student residences

(4)  School of Sciences and Engineering graduate students who are conducting research and have permission to access a laboratory from their department chair

(5)  Students with pre-scheduled meetings with a faculty member, staff member or librarian (via the portal or pepsi gate only)

(6)  Students authorized by the Office of Student Life to attend student organization planning meetings (via the portal or pepsi gate only)

(7) Rostered student athletes


All campus visitors must be pre-registered before arriving on campus to allow the University to monitor and control the visitor’s presence on campus. The host (faculty or staff only) must submit the visitor’s information 24 hours prior to the visit by filling in the visitor registration form.

  • Visitors to the New Cairo campus can only enter via Gate 1 (Portal) or Gate 4 (Pepsi). 
  • Visitors to the Tahrir campus can only enter via the Mohamed Mahmoud entrance or the Falaki main entrance. 
  • Visitors are allowed access to both campuses until 4:00 pm ONLY
  • Contractors are allowed to access campus only via Gate 3. For more information, contact gatepass@aucegypt.edu

COVID-19 Self-Reporting

All members of the community are required to report to the clinic a positive COVID-19 test result either by email at medicalser@aucegypt.edu or mobile at 01280001039. Inform the clinic even if you are not coming to campus.

Stay Informed

Continue to monitor email for regular updates from the University and visit www.aucegypt.edu/coronavirus. In addition to the latest updates from AUC, important numbers, and tips on staying safe, the website also has links to helpful resources, including the FAQ section.

Shereen Shaker
Vice President for Management and Operations