Faculty Committee on AUC's Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability

October 3, 2020

Dear AUC Community,

As some of you are aware, many of us within the AUC community have been engaging in discussions about the University's long-term fiscal sustainability, and how this is impacted by our financial decisions and policies. In order to further drive these meaningful conversations, and to provide guidance to the AUC Trustees, I am announcing the establishment of a faculty committee of experts to guide such conversations. The detailed mandate of this committee is attached, with some key highlights excerpted below. The ultimate goal of this committee is to make recommendations that will ensure AUC's long-term financial sustainability while we continue to preserve our unique academic mission. 

Committee’s mandate:

A University Technical Committee on the Long-Term Financial Sustainability of the institution will be established with faculty experts, to be convened and by the Provost, AUC’s chief academic officer. The Committee will report directly to the President and the Provost and, through the President, to the Board of Trustees.  It will develop and recommend strategies to support the academic mission of AUC through ensuring the institution’s long-term financial sustainability.  In particular, it will focus on AUC’s revenue generation capacity and its expenditures with special attention to its exposure to risks such as, but not limited to, uncertainty in currency markets. These strategies should ensure and enhance the institution's ability to recruit and retain high caliber and international faculty and staff and to recruit the most talented students in the region. 

The committee will fulfill its mandate through facilitating a University-wide conversation and developing detailed and comprehensive modeling exercises as needed. 

To achieve this mandate, the committee should focus on, but not limited to, the following questions:

Specific question related to AUC tuition setting:

What is the best framework for setting tuition and its currency to ensure AUC’s attractiveness for the most talented students?

Specific questions related to AUC faculty and staff compensation:

What are the best compensation strategies for recruiting and retaining high caliber and international faculty?

The committee is expected to engage with a range of University stakeholders, including faculty, staff, parents, trustees, and senior administrators. Based on the outcomes of these consultations and the specific expertise of the members, this committee will be entrusted with developing recommendations and strategies for consideration by the Board of Trustees and the administration for what is in the best interest of the University.

The members of the committee have extensive professional expertise and deep knowledge of sound and sustainable fiscal management. The following AUC faculty members have graciously accepted my invitation to serve on this committee:

Ahmed Abdel Meguid, associate professor of accounting
Diaa Noureldin, assistant professor of economics 
Jamal Haidar, assistant professor of economics 
Medhat Hassanein, distinguished university professor of finance and banking 
Nagla Rizk, professor of economics
Samer Attalah, associate professor of economics (committee chair) 

I look forward to receiving their reports and recommendations, and thank all members of the AUC community for engaging with the committee members as they go about this critical work. 

Ehab Abdel Rahman,