Available Offices

We are re-activating the program with the availability of one office for FY2023 after being on hold for the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Presidential Associates Program begins with an orientation that is scheduled for early September. The first day of work will coincide with the first day of classes in early September. Each associate will undergo an evaluation by their supervisor in January in order to evaluate their work.

Associates follow the administrative calendar rather than the academic calendar. The working days are Sunday through Thursday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Some positions require other schedules or overtime and weekend work during times of heavy activity. 

Available Office for the Program

Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs - Communications

The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs serves as a conduit between AUC and the public. As such, the presidential associate in communications assists in maintaining and enhancing the branding and positioning of AUC’s image. 

  • Sending out the daily bulletin each day and AUC's weekly newsletter, News@AUC, each week to all members of AUC (using basic web design software)  
  • Writing articles for News@AUC and AUC's website
  • Researching, interviewing sources and writing feature-length stories for AUCToday (University magazine)
  • Managing the AUCToday webpage, including publishing AUCToday stories, photo galleries and extra content
  • Researching and attending University events for coverage in AUC channels or to get quotes and information to be featured in the University newsletter
  • Taking photos and conducting interviews around campus for articles
  • Helping create marketing brochures, campaigns and content when needed
  • Producing video stories, alongside written ones, to be used in newsletters, but also for AUC’s social media channels
  • Reviewing and approving all incoming announcements and calendar submissions from various departments and offices to be pushed out on various channels
  • Researching and providing fresh ideas for content and/or enhancements to the newsletters within AUC's branding guidelines
  • Taking part in communication-unit wide initiatives and events

One aspect of the associateship is that this presidential associate will be the main delegate in charge of creating written, visual and multimedia content for the University newsletters and magazine. This translates to a fairly heavy workload and management of many projects at once.

Job Requirements

The presidential associate should be adept in conducting interviews with students, faculty, staff, donors, alumni and sometimes special guests to the University; be able to write well and be experienced in conducting research. The presidential associate must be able to deal effectively and diplomatically with the public and have a talent for organizing and coordinating several projects at once, each with pressing deadlines. Excellent writing skills are required. Internet-savvy; knowledge of social media, AP style guide, MailChimp, WordPress and web design software, as well as some photography and videography experience, are highly desirable.

Important Note:

*The roles and responsibilities listed above are not extensive.