CR Grade Option FAQs

In response to the current extraordinary circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, AUC will adopt an optional credit/fail grading policy.

This will allow all enrolled students to opt for switching the submitted standard final grade to Credit (CR) on a course-by-course basis only for Spring 2020.

You should carefully consider how the CR option could help or hurt you, so review the below frequently asked questions and consult your financial/academic advisor for further guidance about your choice and its impact.

  • How will Spring 2020 classes be graded?
    Faculty members will submit standard grades at the end of the semester as usual. If a student elects CR grading for one course or more, the Office of the Registrar will convert the standard grade submitted by the instructor to a grade of CR.

    What is a Credit (CR) grade?
    CR grade is a passing grade and counted towards earned hours. For undergraduate students, CR is equivalent to standard grades A to D. For graduate students, CR is equivalent to standard grades A to C.

    What is a Fail (F) grade?
    This is the regular fail grade; does not count towards earned hours and the course is not fulfilled.

    How will this change affect my GPA?
    Standard grades (A to F) will be calculated into the GPA following standard practice. CR grade will have no effect (positive or negative) on the GPA.

    Will CR/F count toward my major and other degree requirements?
    If you select CR, only CR will count toward any major/minor/core/degree requirements.

    Is there a limit to the number of courses that I can switch to CR?
    No limit, you can switch any or all of the Spring 2020 courses.

    Will this change my classes that are already set as Pass/Fail (e.g., internships)?
    No, courses already designated as pass/fail will continue to be graded as pass/fail.

    Will CR/F count as a pre-requisite for future consecutive courses?
    Yes, only CR will satisfy the pre-requisite requirement for courses unless a specific Standard grade is required. F will not satisfy a pre-requisite.

    Can I select CR for a course with an incomplete grade?
    CR cannot be selected after receiving an Incomplete. In this case, a final standard grade has to be reported prior to the announced incomplete deadline.

    What happens if I don’t opt for CR?
    You will receive the faculty reported standard grade for your class/es.

    Can I drop a course/withdraw from the semester instead of opting for CR?
    Yes, you can drop a course/withdraw from the semester until Thursday, May 7, 2020.

    How to opt for CR for one or more of my Spring 2020 courses?
    You do not need to do anything at this time. After the final grades are posted, you will have a few days to communicate your decision to the Office of the Registrar. An email will be sent (before the end of the semester) with the instructions to follow and the deadline.

    Are my faculty aware that my course has been put on CR?
    Faculty members will not be aware of students who elect the CR option when posting final grades.

    Can the decision to take a course CR be reversed?
    No, once a student has opted for CR, the choice cannot be reversed.

    How will this appear on the transcript?
    The transcript will display either the standard Grade or CR, if chosen.

    What should I consider before opting for CR?
    In some cases, CR may impact financial aid/scholarship eligibility, declaration, graduation honors and applications to graduate school (See below details). Consult with your financial/academic advisor before making a decision. For many students, receiving standard grades may be the best option.

  • I am on a Study Abroad program, can I opt for CR?
    Yes, you will be able to elect CR grading.

    I am an international student, does CR impact my visa status?
    As long as you remain enrolled for the Spring 2020 semester, changing to CR will not impact your visa status.

    How will CR option impact my course of study at my home institution?
    It is important that you contact your home institution to determine if and/or how courses graded as CR will count toward course study at your home institution.


  • Does CR affect my financial aid/scholarship eligibility?
    Changing a standard graded course to CR can affect your financial aid/scholarship eligibility. CR does not count toward GPA, so if a student needs to improve their GPA to meet the end of year scholarship then that will need to be considered. You should consult your financial advisor to confirm if CR will help you remain eligible/or regain eligibility. For many students, receiving standard grades may be the best option.

  • Will CR affect my declaration?
    For declaration criterion courses, the standard grade reported will be the one used (wherever applicable) in defining eligibility to be accepted into the major.

    For many students, receiving standard grades may be the best option.

    Email Academic Advising Center for more information.

  • Will CR affect the 'Repeat Policy' for courses I am retaking now?
    If you are retaking a course in Spring 2020 and wish to apply the 'Repeat Policy', then you cannot select the CR option.

    Will CR affect the 'Repeat Policy' for courses taken in any future semester?
    The repeat policy will not be applied on Spring 2020 CR graded courses when retaking the same course in any future semester.

    Can I apply the 'Repeat Policy' on a course with 'F' grade in Spring 2020?
    Yes, students have the right to apply the "Repeat Policy' on any Standard letter graded course/s following the published university Repeat Policy regulations.

  • How will CR affect academic standing for the Spring 2020 semester?
    Due to the unprecedented circumstances, there will be no academic standing determination at the end of this semester. The Spring 2020 semester will not be used in counting the number of semesters on academic probation when applying the academic standing policy.

    Will a student face academic dismissal if currently on academic probation?
    No, students will not be dismissed for academic deficiency of academic standing at the end of the Spring 2020 semester, regardless of semester/overall GPA.

    Will students be placed on probation after Spring 2020 semester?
    No, students will not be placed on academic probation at the end of the Spring 2020 semester, regardless of the semester or cumulative GPA.

  • Will a CR count towards my degree requirements?
    Only CR courses will fulfill the course requirements but both overall and major GPA have to be 2.0 or above to be eligible to graduate.

    How will CR affect my eligibility for Latin honors?
    Any course, for which a student selects CR, will not be factored into the GPA the calculation for Latin honors.

  • How does CR impact a student considering transferring to another university?
    Students should contact the institution to which they are considering transferring and ask about their policies for awarding transfer credits for courses in which they received CR. AUC transcript will indicate what the CR grade is equivalent to.


  • We encourage you to speak with your financial/academic advisor, chair or program director about your choice and about any impact your choices might have for success in future courses or admissions to future programs.  Academic advisors, chairs and program directors are available to communicate with students remotely.

    • For declaration: refer to the Academic Advising Center via email: OR the department of the intended major.
    • For financial aid and scholarship: refer to the Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships.
    • For academic standing, probation, and dismissal: refer to the Office of Registrar via email to
    • For course repeat policy and graduation requirements: refer to Office of Registrar via email to