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From competitive excellence at the global level to recreational activities and healthy habits, AUC’s athletic programs promote physical fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship among athletes and students at all levels. 

About Athletics 

AUC’s athletics programs bring together a wide cross-section of the community to create opportunities for students to meet new people and connect through extracurricular activities. We aim to enrich the lives of both students and student athletes alike to develop their best selves as athletes, teammates, students and citizens of the world. As athletes, they embody physical strength and learn the value of movement in incorporating healthy activities and habits in their lives.

Through sport, we are committed to teaching how to work collaboratively to reach performance goals, how to embrace the diversity of thought and culture, how to persevere through failure with resiliency and how to compete with integrity.

Athletics by the Numbers

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auc basketball team cheering after winning the African FASU 2023 championship

AUC Sports

AUC’s robust athletic programs give talented student-athletes the chance to compete at a high level, facing off against other universities in Egypt and beyond. AUC fields men’s and women's teams  teams in basketball, volleyball, table tennis, handball, track and field, and many more sports. AUC’s athletes have gone on to compete at the highest global levels, including several Olympians. For the less competitive, AUC also hosts intramural leagues for students who want to play sports in a more casual, relaxed setting

World cup trophy on a football field


AUC recognizes students who have distinguished themselves in the areas of sports.

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