You, W-Ana Too Theatre Performance

Mark Your Calendars!

AUC New Cairo — March 22, 23, 24

AUC Tahrir Square — March 30, 31

You W-Ana Too, a play that explores the issue of sexual harassment from various perspectives, including family and couple, bystander, victim and perpetrator, male and female, power and incapacity.

Five short plays will be performed at five outdoor campus locations with small audience groups walking from play to play, led by a student guide.

The play involves over 50 AUC students and alumni working as directors, playwrights, actors, designers and managers. Co-creators of the play are Jillian Campana, professor of theatre and associate dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Dina Amin, head of the Theatre Program and associate professor of theatre.

Production Team

Producer: Amira Fahmy
Assistant Stage Manager: Hana Iskandar
Costume and Wardrobe Manager: Lamia Salem
Costume and Wardrobe Supervisor: Jeanne Arnold
Properties Supervisor: John Hoey
PR Design: Youssef Omaran
Filming for Documentation: Maryam Shafik
Publicity Manager: Alia El Mohandes
Production Manager: Mai Rashdan
Tour Guides: Arsani Shenouda, Reem Haggag


Play 1 — Ensah

Playwright  Nour El Captan
Director  Jillian Campana
Stage Manager  Passant Faheeem

 Ahd Sakr


Nadia Ezzedin, Youssef El Ghannam, Mohamed El Gamal, Shehab El Gamal

Play 2 — See Me

Playwright  Nour Ibrahim, Omar Omar
Director  Nadine Abdelrazek
Stage Manager  Assil El Bialy

 Aishah Habib


Mayan Elsayed, Youssef Altantawy, Ola Kassem, Meriam Amir, Nour Haitham

Play 3 — The Report

Playwright Noran Morsi
Director Adham Kaseem
Stage Manager/Assistant Director Nadine Ramzy

Farida Emad


Sarah Agban, Zainh Alfi, Mohamed Lotfy, Michael Riad

Play 4 — Esh Fahemek

Playwright Yehia Abdelghani
Director Dina Amin
Stage Manager Reem Amer
Assistant Stage Manager

Layla Hassib


Menna Walid, Amena Ebeid, Lina Sakr, Kerolos Zarif

Play 5 — Rainbows and Roses

Playwright Marwan Abdelmoneim, Passant Faheem
Director Salma Hassan
Stage Manager Youssef Amir

Shadwa Abdelkader


Dina Badras, Omar Omar


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