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How to use the travel module?

  1. Type shortcut PR05 – travel expense manager Or in the sap menu/accounting/ financial accounting/ travel management/ travel expenses/ travel expense manager as highlighted in the below image
  2. Enter the personnel number of the traveling employee in the personnel number box
  3. Then click create a new trip or press F6
  4. An automatic drop-down list appears to choose the type of trip, whether domestic or international
  5. Travel main screen appears; after filling the mandatory fields (dates/ destination/ and reason) choose the appropriate expense type. If you are not aware with the list of expenses a drop down list can be extracted
  6. After picking the appropriate expense type and adding the budgeted amount, make sure the cost distribution is made
  7. Clicking the cost distribution button opens a detailed cost allocation box to specify the fund center, cost center, and commitment item (GL) to make sure the allocation is appropriately made. A 100 must be added to the % distrib. box
  8. Click the check mark and save the trip. A new trip number is generated. This number is to be added to the travel authorization paper 
  9. To prepare the travel authorization form, first check the Travel office website here and click Travel forms
  10. A list of different travel forms will appear on your screen; click download travel authorization
  11. The form will appear on your screen; add the personnel number/ trip number that you have generated earlier/ the appropriate cost allocation/ and get the authorized personnel to sign it (department head & area head). Finally, a hard copy is sent to the Travel Office