ESVP System

About the System

The Office of University Events can provide the service of an electronic reservation system to aid in attendance accuracy and alleviate time event planners spend taking invitees’ feedback via the telephone or individual e-mails, and then collecting and analyzing those responses in separate databases.

The ESVP (E-Mail S’il Vous Plait) or in other words online RSVP (Repondez S’il Vous Plait) system allows invitees to instantly confirm or decline attendance in addition to offering to respond to a multiple choice of special requests tailored to the event (meal preference, desired seating assignments, etc.) to accommodate efficiently to their specific needs. 

The Benefits

The many benefits of the program include, but are not limited to: 

  • Send electronically personalized professional messages
  • Manage an unlimited number of fully customizable groups/lists with an unlimited number of recipients
  • Do follow-up mailings with precision and have access to all sent related details in highly defined reports and logs
  • Graphics like programs, maps, presentations and other documents can be incorporated
  • Fully control and target mailings with powerful filters, in-line message scripting, reply management controls, customizable headers and in-depth logging and reporting
  • Prepare and schedule messages for delivery any time in the future

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