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AUC Innovation Hub is a platform for corporations, start-ups, AUC faculty and students, and the supporting ecosystem to work in the same space and collaborate to research and co-create innovative solutions for Egypt’s and the region’s toughest challenges.

Through AUC iHub, AUC will create a number of long-term partnerships to productize innovations with the aim of creating sustainable impact in Egypt and the world. By offering our partners the location at  AUC New Cairo and by empowering their efforts with a a rich set of services, we offer our innovation partners world-class secure facilities, with access to tools, technology, labs, equipment, and support, along with the opportunity to learn, design and build through formal and informal programming. Their presence on campus allows them to  work on strategic and cutting-edge projects syncing with existing AUC programs and facilities.



auc-ihub A Powerhouse for Innovation

A dynamic ecosystem that connects industry and academia to drive innovation, the AUC iHub is a springboard for industry partnerships, multidisciplinary research and experiential learning. It leverages AUC’s wealth of research expertise, bright young minds and state-of-the-art campus facilities to provide a platform for the research, development and commercialization of technologies that offer creative solutions to today’s most pressing challenges.


Connecting Creative Partners in Innovation auc-ihub

The AUC iHub serves two constituencies – industry and higher education – through its mutually reinforcing, dual mission: to bring AUC’s most innovative faculty, students and their labs and learning spaces together with corporate research and innovative startups.

The AUC iHub will serve as a satellite research center for innovative companies, organizations and individuals seeking synergies with AUC’s leading faculty, students and alumni on multidisciplinary research and its practical applications; create a co-working space for startups; support social innovation and policy research; provide business and advisory services for the innovation ecosystem; and build a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

Winning on All Fronts

The AUC iHub brings corporations, startups, faculty and students together to collaborate in an architecturally inspirational physical space to research and co-create innovative solutions that benefit Egypt, the region and the world at large.

auc-ihub  Industry Partners

Enterprises, big and small, share prime space in a strategic location on AUC’s state-of-the-art New Cairo campus with world-class facilities and a multitude of services. The iHub provides a gateway for industry partners to access the fresh perspectives of AUC’s star faculty and brightest young minds. They will have the opportunity both to shape and to exploit academic research to create and validate products and services in a collaborative environment.

auc-ihub Students

Through internships and class projects, AUC’s most creative and entrepreneurial students interact with industry trendsetters and gain exposure to the real-world challenges businesses face on a daily basis. They engage in mind-expanding work that equips them with transferable skills in problem-solving and critical thinking. By practically applying their theoretical knowledge and brainstorming solutions, students learn by doing in a creative environment. As rising young consumers themselves, they can serve reciprocally to shape industry translation of research into commercial applications.

auc-ihub  Faculty

AUC faculty members work closely with industry partners on cutting-edge corporate research projects and co-create solutions to regional and global challenges. Through university-industry partnerships, faculty members translate research findings into marketable products and new technologies aimed at improving the lives and meeting the tastes and needs of the rising generation of global consumers.

auc-ihub Alumni

AUC alumni looking to advance their creative ventures have priority as iHub members, gaining access to diverse global corporations, startups, expert AUC faculty members, and a rich pool of creative and intellectual student talent. By joining the iHub’s supportive environment, alumni have a unique edge to grow their new enterprise and take it to the next level.

Striking up Partnerships

The iHub accommodates members currently or previously affiliated with AUC through financially viable arrangements, prioritizing global partnerships in line with AUC’s internationalization strategy. It includes spaces for industry satellite research labs, innovative startups, economic and social development organizations and policy research centers, ecosystem support organizations, as well as AUC communal and student spaces.

Industry Satellite Research

Industrial research programs in partnership with AUC faculty, corporate innovation labs seeking collaboration with AUC, and international university research centers.

Innovative Startups

Startups by AUC students, alumni and faculty or graduates of the AUC Venture Lab — Egypt’s rst University-based startup incubator and accelerator. Social enterprises and high-potential startups that sprouted from student graduation projects are also included. AUC is careful about fair space allocation and maintaining a diverse industry mix among tenants.

Social Innovation and Policy Research

Nonprofits, policy research centers and organizations working on social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ecosystem Support

Startup accelerators and incubators, design thinking labs, fab labs, design firms, law firms, digital marketing firms and research organizations focused on serving entrepreneurship and innovation.

A Design-Conscious Space

The layout of the space is designed to allow innovators from all disciplines to connect, collaborate and create — providing flexible workspaces and spacious social areas.


auc-ihubThe iHub’s main features include private as well as open, collaborative office spaces; fixed-size startup spots, fully equipped conference rooms, lounge seating areas and a cafeteria. An adjacent outdoor area encourages open engagement, networking and exchange of ideas.

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