Faculty Services

The Office of Faculty Services provides assistance to all AUC faculty members, top administrators and their families. The Faculty Services Committee, consisting of volunteer faculty members, is also available to help new AUC faculty arriving in Cairo as well as continuing AUC faculty.

FSC services include:

  • Conducting the New Faculty Orientation Program at the beginning of each fall semester  
  • Organizing events throughout the year, such as guided tours, functions and informal gatherings 
  • Providing information to update the AUC Faculty Handbook 
  • Offering personal assistance to faculty and their families as needed 
  • Helping answer general questions and responding to specific needs and concerns of the AUC faculty and families and/or directing questions to those who can help 
  • Providing a link between the University and the AUC faculty community 

We hope you will contact us whenever you have questions or need assistance. All questions are welcome.


Contact Us

The Faculty Services Committee (FSC) consists of a full-time coordinator and volunteer members from the AUC community. 


Dina Touta
Tel: 20.2.2615.3789

The Office of Faculty Services
Campus Center, room 1002

Volunteer Faculty Members (Academic Year 2015 - 2016)

Kim Fox, kimfox@aucegypt.edu 
Lamyaa El-Gabry, lelgabry@aucegypt.edu 
Steve Urgola, surgola@aucegypt.edu 
Wendy McFeelywmcfeely@aucegypt.edu
Russell Stephens, russell.stephens@aucegypt.edu 
Kamal Al Ekhnawykamal19@aucegypt.edu 
Catarina Belo, cbelo@aucegypt.edu
Eden Bowditcheden@aucegypt.edu

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